January 2012

Welcome 2012 . I’m few days late as usual LOL . I had a project that just couldn’t wait. In my excitment to get those designs to their recipient I forgot to take pics ( oh no). I was so happy to receieve the replacement for the XL 400, that came in sooner then expected. 🙂 That was good news.The first one I had was having issues and errors, to make a long story short I had it sent back and Singer was wonderful about replacing it. Now I am ready for another year of stitching and with so many ideas, it looks like I won’t be lost for things to do. In between stiching and sewing I have been knitting socks, it’s an addictive way to keep everyones feet warm 🙂 The beautiful yarns and colour combinations are just too much to resist. LOL Stipe, Jacquards, Fleck and Stretch yarns. I will post the pics as I finish them.I will also be posting the Christmas gifts I stitched in ” From The Sewing Room” so make sure you check that out 😉 Here’s looking forward to a wonderful year.    Thanks for Visiting     Have a Great Day

Winter is for The Birds, work in progress

Here is a sneak peek at my latest project. It will be a quilted wall hanging. This gives me some great ideas for futture projects. !  Check out “The Thread” for the finished project.


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