Summer 2012

Its been a busy spring and summer. Between special projects, deciding what project is next and getting the flower garden in, I don’t seem to have idle time on my hands, which is a good thing. I’ve knitted a few socks this spring and found some great patterns for kitchen projects. Toaster covers, pot holders and placemats, tea towels, runners and a couple of pillows (cushions). I’m usually working with colourful threads in the embroidery and using a relatively plain background so that stitched design shows up. Sewing with the different patterns of fabric got me thinking about quilts and throws. I have a quilt top that has been in the curio cabinet for some time now. It’s time to bring out the old quilt top and make it into the heirloom it was meant to be. I believe the pattern is called “Friendship Ring” not 100% on that. Then while looking through a quilting magazine, I am inspired by a quilt pattern that I fell in love with. LOL . Off to the fabric shop to see what I could find. I knew what colours I want to go with, it’s finding the right fabric patterns. I think I was in the fabric shop an hour and a half looking at fabric and gathering the bolts together like squirrel. I seem to be one of those people that have to have a full stash of fabric and yarn. Heaven forbid I should run out of materials to knit or sew with. Then a friend asks me about a chenille quilt. I have never made one, so I went searching for a pattern or tutorial. That’s all it took, I had to try my hand at a chenille quilt. Back to the fabric shop 🙂 They are quite simple to make. The sewing and cutting take the most time but the results are beautiful. I will be posting pictures in “The Thread”

Stay Tuned ! Have Great Day.


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