Snow Flakes and Paw Prints

Hello Everyone…I’m playing a little catch-up with posting and projects, so bear with me please  🙂

From October to December were very busy months in the sewing room. Fabric and thread were everywhere 😉 and in the middle of it all I got out the very nice but plane red table cloth. So what to do with it?… Then snowflakes happened 🙂  A few designs that I had purchased last year

I used tear-a-way stabilizer, which softens after the item has been laundered and the “puckered” appearance goes away.

There are 5 main snowflakes and 4 clusters. It dressed up the table cloth quite nicely I think . 🙂 Then I had another thought.. that was that I needed a hot mat for the table. I seem to have a lot of wool fabric that I have previously felted and waiting to be turned into something pretty.

A pretty new embroidery design from ( Embroidery Library) and we have a Holiday hot mat (with a layer of heat resistant batting in the middle)


Hot Mat ~ Isabel’s Needleworks

snowflake tablecloth

Snow Flake Table Cloth ~ Isabel’s Needleworks

photo 3

Isabel’s Needleworks


Isabel’s Needleworks


Isabel’s Needleworks

And of course our ever faithful Roxie needed a new stocking to hang for Santa 😉 and more wool fabric was pulled from the bin. A little trim and a little machine embroidery and Roxie has her special stocking personalized.

The Hyper Font program for the Futura XL 400 is a dream for turning true type fonts into embroidery.

photo 3

Isabel’s Needleworks

photo 5

Isabel’s Needleworks

Now that I have cleared a path into the sewing room and its quieter, I can start posting the creations that have kept me busy since fall.

Have a wonderful day and happy stitching.




December 27, 2013 · 9:15 PM

2 responses to “Snow Flakes and Paw Prints

  1. claire93

    very festive, all in red ^^


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