Hello everyone. I hope you’ve had a warm and cozy day in the sewing room. I’ve have ! 🙂 I have also been inspired by the beautiful cross stitch projects I have seen by fellow bloggers, Sewing Beside the Sea and Claire93’s Blog . Cross stitch is something that I haven’t picked up in years, although I still have a number of books and leaflets that I tell myself “some day”. I especially like samplers, and have made a few over the years. A lot of the pieces I have stitched have gone as gifts. Which got me thinking about the kit that I bought…3 or 4 years ago. Wow has it been that long?  Well this seems like a good winter to get those kinds of to dos off my list. So I decided to check out the link for Ink Circles and found a great freebie when you sign up. This will be perfect to practise on, to see if I still have the eyes (so to speak) for doing cross stitch.

practise cross stitch

practise cross stitch

Well I’m finding out that it’s going to take me a long time to finish the kit but I really want to do this. I am happy about the morning light that comes into the sewing room, that’s going to be the best time for me to work on this particular craft. I’m going along quite slowly, compared to the pace I used to keep, but then overall I don’t move like I used to in any aspect  🙂 lol.

Here is the sneak peek at what I am about to tackle, wish me luck ! 🙂 when I finish my little sample/practise piece I will be able to put in a couple of hours each morning on the kit. I have quite a few projects on the go as it is, but what’s one more EH? 🙂

sneak peek

sneak peek

I got so excited about the whole idea of getting back into cross stitch I made a new pin cushion to mark the event. Yes I know, it’s an obsession 🙂


I think this should be a good year for getting unfinished projects done and getting at the things I’ve been wanting to do.

So from snowy cold Alberta, Canada…Thanks for dropping by and happy crafting…….Izz



January 8, 2014 · 3:46 PM

11 responses to “Inspired

  1. I’m so pleased you have decided to pick up cross stitch again 🙂 Like you, I need good daylight to help me. The Ink Circles designs are beautiful and I love the colors you are using. Enjoy! Avis x


  2. Well, thank you very much for the link! Such kind words too 🙂 I love the Ink Circles designs and I’m about to start a new one with Claire. Hopefully, you will enjoy cross stitch again and maybe join us to make a trio-SAL one day 😀


  3. claire93

    your xstitch project looks ideal for cutting up into stages ^^


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