Just Socks

Hi Everyone…hope you have had fun crafting your skills lately. As the title of this post suggests …just socks…but anyone who knits or wears home made socks knows they are not “just” socks. Myself? I love socks and I love knitting socks, I also like buying sock yarn. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go into a shop and there is a wall of sock yarn..so many colours and textures..I stand in awe of it..lol..no exaggeration 🙂 I also have my favourite online places to buy yarn too. When I can’t find what I’m looking for in the stores, and my fav yarn store is a day trip to the city. Sure there are small local shops that carry a bit of sock yarn but sometimes I like to get something really special. Now, have you ever thought to go through your stash to see what is in that large bag in the closet?  I did, and well it was quite the surprise! If you know what I mean by heavy clear plastic zippered bags that you get a nice blanket in or a comforter? Well I have one that I have been stuffing sock yarn into as I bring the beautiful balls of colour and softness home, you know ..for that pair of socks I will knit next week, and the week after that and ….lol .I have 100% wool and wool and silk blend and wool and acrylic. Which made me realize I really need to start knitting faster..

stash of sock yarn

stash of sock yarn

I have made a challenge for myself. 2 pair of socks per month, in between the other projects I have laid out for myself. Some are requests and some are of my own doing 🙂 I do like to keep busy. I have almost finished the second pair of socks for January. The first pair were the blue socks that I posted in Toastie Tooties and this second pair are the Grey sock photo you see at the bottom of the same post. I feel excited with all these challenges..The SAL with Avis and Claire and now the “Sock” challenge. Hey , one needs to keep busy with their hobbies when you live in north west Canada and since I’m not an out doors winter sports kind of person, my indoor hobbies suit me fine !

more and more yarn

more and more yarn

I have my favourite sock patterns in the knitting basket as well as some news ones. I found a great booklet in my travels that I couldn’t resist… see the problem ??  lol and while I was paging through the booklet a few other skeins caught my eye.

Some will be house socks and some wear anywhere socks and a few “work” socks for the Mr.

They won’t all be for me. I have the sock recipients in mind with every skein. AND I have a wonderful lace pattern I want to knit again. I used the pattern once before with a multi colour yarn and I think  they turned out beautifully. That would be the pair of socks you see pictured at the top of my blog, and if you care to check out the knitting basket they are some where in there… lol. Oh yes and there has to be a few cable pattern socks. I love cable knitting too but haven’t tried it with socks, that will be a new one for me.

Grey Socks

Grey Socks

I should have the Grey socks finished by this evening and ready to start on a new pair..I think another pair of work socks !

Thank you for dropping by, I hope you have a warm and cozy week of stitching and creating …..Izz



January 26, 2014 · 1:43 PM

6 responses to “Just Socks

  1. claire93

    way to go Izz – if you can keep up the pace, you’ll have 24 pairs of socks by Christmas!!!! I can guess what family and friends will be finding Under the tree for xmas 2014 lol


  2. That’s quite a sock yarn stash you have there Izz. I love those ribbed socks. I’ve only used 4ply myself but the chunky idea is very tempting. I’m cheer leading along with Claire. Give us an I…. 🙂


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