Crazy Blanket

Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying your weekend . Its a sunny and much warmer day here in Alberta and I’m loving it 🙂  Well what do you get when you cross a crazy quilt and a wool blanket?.. for me it will be a Crazy Blanket ! It was late last year, that I pulled out some felted wool pieces from my overflowing stash and sorted through them. Some pieces were cut into circles and some large squares for future candle mats and some I cut into 8 1/2″ squares for a wool blanket. My plan…is to embroidery a quick stitch design or a saying, every day or so on one of the 30 squares that will make up the blanket. I laid the pieces out and decided where I wanted them to be in the finished blanket. There are a lot of dark pieces but my plan is to stitch something light and bright on them and something a little darker on the light squares so that everything evens out..see my plan ? 🙂

30 squares

30 squares

The pink looking squares are actually a light purple colour 🙂 There are greys and greens, browns and blacks and one dark plaid that I may or may not stitch on, time will tell.

purple square #1

purple square #1

This is the first of the purple squares. I used one the of lace heart designs that I had used in the Valentines projects, I really like this one. It has 5 blocks of colour that you can change up any way you like or stitch them all the same. I very pretty design.

Brown Square #2

Brown Square #2

This brown one, says Life is an Adventure. Sorry if the photo isn’t too clear.  I think I will write my own saying as well with the Hyperfont program and give it a more personal touch. I love it when ideas flow as I’m typing. 🙂 I will post next Saturday what I have stitched through the week on this.

Thanks for dropping by, have a wonderful weekend and week. Happy stitching!




February 15, 2014 · 4:57 PM

9 responses to “Crazy Blanket

  1. The first squares are beautiful ! This blanket looks promising !


  2. Ha-ha! I’d call it a cranket 🙂 They really are beautiful designs. I’d love to have a machine that could do writing. Have a great week! Avis x


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