Super Size my Thread Tangle Please !

Hello. I hope you have had a great weekend. Around here it’s all about thread and thread tangles, and then there is the monster of tangles. With a sewing machine we know almost instantly when there is something wrong with the bobbin thread right? Well .. With the embroidery machine , until it makes a awful noise like a clunk, you don’t know what is going on underneath the hoop. Well that’s what happened here. In the time it took me to walk as fast as I could from one desk to the other 😉 and stop the embroidery machine.

The Monster !

The Monster !

I had a monster of a tangle to clean up. With embroidery it’s a pains taking job. The stitches are very tight. I didn’t want to ruin the fabric and I’m trying not to destroy the backing.

Fabric stitched

Fabric stitched

I didn’t watch the clock but I think it was 30 minutes later and I had it cleaned up. Just as I thought would happen, the tear away backing was a mess. If I tried to stitch over this area with the weak backing the stitching would go down through the fabric and really make a mess. As it was I had to dampen the fabric a little with a clean cloth and hope the holes would heal a little, and they did.

patch of tear away

patch of tear away

So with a small patch of tear away and spray adhesive. We are back in business. Bobbin thread is fine..check….top thread is in place ..check… Back the design up to the beginning of this word and continue stitching.



The stitching is complete, you can see where I tore the patch off of course there is always the backing left under the stitching but in this case its ok, this fabric is very light and its going to be a pillow front. I’m not worried about any bulk the extra backing will cause. But something to keep in mind for other types of projects.

When this kind of tangle happens, in my experience I have found its one of two things. Either the top thread didn’t catch properly in the tension wheel or there is dust collecting around the bobbin case. Either way. Once your stitching is done its a good idea to give the bobbin case area a good check and cleaning. Which means turning off your machine and unplugging it.
Unhooping a stitching isn’t a problem . You can stop and go so long as the design hasn’t been cancelled and there aren’t any error messages which is rare (knocking on wood ).

Finished Pillow Cover

Finished Pillow Cover

All turns out well. Snip a few loose threads. Sew front to back and I have a matching accent pillow that I repurposed from the bed shirt.

Another disaster adverted :).

Thanks for dropping by and happy and safe stitching 🙂



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February 17, 2014 · 10:00 AM

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