More of The Crazy Blanket…

Hello everyone, I posted last Saturday on Feb. 15th, that I had started a Crazy Blanket with 8 1/2″ wool fabric squares. I had already stitched 2 of the squares then. I have stitched a few more this past week and wanted to show you the what I have.

In order of appearance …….

Block 3 -Balloon

Block 3 -Balloon

Block 4- Tree of Life

Block 4- Tree of Life

Block 5 - Corner Filigree

Block 5 – Corner Filigree

Block 6 - Willow

Block 6 – Willow

Block 7 - Chrysanthemum

Block 7 – Chrysanthemum

Block 8 - Handprints

Block 8 – Handprints

Block 9 - Roll Me Away

Block 9 – Roll Me Away

9 Block Group

9 Block Group

Since I’m stitching a wide variety of designs I want to keep with a few chosen thread colours, hoping that will help this crazy blanket look a little less crazy 🙂 if you know what I mean  lol  Most of the designs will be quick stitch and airy. There will be some birds and nautical themes too. Just a hint of what is to come. I don’t have a time limit on this one, I think I have enough on the go and will just let this project take its course, whether its 3 blocks a week or 7? That will be the surprise 🙂

Let me know what you think and I would love to hear suggestions on assembling this blanket once its finished. I think backing it with flannel would be a nice touch…Something to ponder about this week…..

Thanks for dropping by.. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and weekend



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February 22, 2014 · 5:00 AM

Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate your visit and comments. Have a great day :)

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