Cross Stitch SAL Stage 2

Hi everyone, Well the time is flying by again. Satge 2 of the SAL with Avis and Claire is here. This is what I have stitched so far on The Lords Prayer Sampler. Hop on over to Claire and Avis’ blogs and check out their beautiful Cirque des Cercles projects.

There was stitching and a lot of picking. I think the picking got contagious at one   But everything pulled together and progress was made once more 🙂  This part of the chart has a good pattern to it, a repeat of the same 2 leaves 🙂 I’m very please with the results so far.

SAL Stage 2

SAL Stage 2

I’m looking forward to the next part because it has more colours in it. Although there are a few colour changes in the blocks and columns it doesn’t exactly jump at you.  Sorry if the photo is a little dark. Working so close to all the shading I don’t really see the detail until I add the back stitch and stand back from it. Onto the next phase. I hope you like the sampler so far.

Thanks for dropping by and happy stitching….Izz



February 23, 2014 · 6:00 AM

4 responses to “Cross Stitch SAL Stage 2

  1. It’s gorgeous! Looking forward to stage 3 now 🙂


  2. claire93

    me to, looking forward to seeing which part you stitch for stage 3 ^^


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