Crazy Blanket Part 4

Hello everyone, Welcome back to the crazy blanket corner 🙂  I haven’t gotten a lot done in the sewing room lately but I did manage to stitch up 4 more blocks on the Crazy Blanket. As I work on them I can see where I could have used different colours on a couple of the blocks. Like the Mariner’s  Compass in Block 13. That might be a ” do over”, even a rehooping and let another stitching come close to the burgundy I used.. may give it a shadow affect?? Other then that I’m  pretty happy with the way the blanket is going.

Now that over half the blocks have stitching on them, I’m pretty exciting about finishing it. I’m still playing around with a couple of ideas on assembly. But that’s the last step 😉

Block 14

Block 14

I really like how the anchor and ships wheel stands out on the red.

Block 15

Block 15

There is always a flock of birds somewhere along the shore, isn’t there ?

Block 16

Block 16

There is just something about this design. I’m sure I will use it again.

Block 17

Block 17

Of course we have to have a life quote in there somewhere !

Crazy Blanket Part 4

Crazy Blanket Part 4

Part 4 of the blanket. It’s going to make a great lap blanket.

I hope you like the Crazy Blanket so far.

Thanks for dropping by, have a great day and happy stitching




March 7, 2014 · 7:43 PM

4 responses to “Crazy Blanket Part 4

  1. claire93

    looking good Izz. My favourite block this time is the flock of birds ^^


  2. I’m enjoying watching your blanket grow. The birds look like doves, very nice 🙂


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