Crazy Blanket Update and Revision

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend is going well so far. For me I had some revising to do on the crazy blanket. Like I really don’t have anything else to do ..right? lol It was just one of those things that stands out and says FIX IT!  so I did.  I rehooped the infamous Block  13 …that should have been my first hint.;)  The new design started just a little off centre from the original and thats what I wanted to happen for a shadow affect. Now I’m happy with the blanket.

Block 13 Revised

Block 13 Revised

Blanket Revised

Blanket Revised

The photos really don’t do it justice, because its not as dark as it seems.

Thanks for dropping by..I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend

Izz 🙂



March 8, 2014 · 2:32 PM

2 responses to “Crazy Blanket Update and Revision

  1. claire93

    how large is each square, Izz? and how large are you planning on making this blanket?


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