Cross Stitch SAL Stage 3

Stage 3 of Lord's Prayer Sampler

Stage 3 of Lord’s Prayer Sampler

Hello everyone, Stage 3 of our SAL is here with Avis at Sewing Beside the Sea and Claire at claire93. Nothing makes the time fly by as fast as keeping the mind and hands busy 🙂 Avis and Claire have been working on their cross stitch of  Cirque des Cercles, while I have been working on The Lord’s Prayer Sampler.  I’m really excited about Stage 3. Not only does it have a few pretty flowers in it , but it also means I will be turning a corner in my work, literally 🙂  Now it is really taking shape and looking better. I only picked out 2 or 3 mistakes this time YEAH! and finished it up as of 4 PM Saturday. Now onto Stage 4 and I believe that will be for April the 6th.?? I’m sure Claire and Avis will confirm that ..:)

Thank you so much for dropping by…happy stitching

Izz 🙂



March 16, 2014 · 2:00 AM

6 responses to “Cross Stitch SAL Stage 3

  1. claire93

    well done! looks like you had a lot of stitching and colour changing this stage ^^


  2. Oooh! It’s looking lovely and definitely taking shape now 🙂 Yes, the next stage is scheduled for 6th April. Hopefully, we’ll all make it. I’ve picked up my sock knitting again today 😀


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