Spring is in The Air

Happy Spring everyone !! I hope you’ve had a good week of stitching and crafting so far. Its time for spring cleaning something bright and sunny looking for the entry hallway wall. I starting laying panels out on the kitchen table for some final measurements . Yes, I am working in the kitchen, kind of spreading my projects around 🙂  lol  well ..the sewing room is full now !!

Spring panel

Spring panel

I was fortunate to find a nice matching fabric with these panels and have been improvising as I go. Im working without a real plan and digging for fabric as I go. I found some soft yellow pieces to go nicely with the rest of the panels.

It was such a nice day today in northern Alberta, the temperature got up to 6 or 7 C today. I wanted to go out on the deck to take photos of what I had done so far. I asked my hubby if he would be my assistant. Well as I’m focusing on the panels and making sure I have the whole thing in the shot, I’m not paying attention to what he is doing. I get the pics on the computer and starting sorting , and ready to crop pics for posting….what’s this ?? I laughed .. I said to hubby jokingly ..” thats going in the next post”!  he says sure..and here it is..My oh so serious assistant lol  he really makes my day 😀

You can also see in the background our still frozen and snow covered lake..brrr but being out on the deck in our shirt sleeves wasn’t too bad.

Panel and Assistant

Panel and Assistant

I have plans for the small yellow panels around the edges. But I will leave that for a surprise.

Here’s to a lovely spring and hope you get as much of a smile out of this as I did 🙂

Happy Stitching

Izz and Hubby



March 19, 2014 · 7:56 PM

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