Crazy Blanket ..The Next Step

Hi everyone, well its crazy blanket time 🙂 or as its been jokingly suggested that I call it my weird blanket. I think of it as fabric art. And sometime you don’t know how a sewing project is going to turn out until the final stitch has been placed . I enjoy projects that take shape as I work on them and as for the blanket, it’s doing just that. I originally wanted to work with the wool fabric I had on hand. I’m trying to use what I have because it is quite bulky to store and I haven’t made a penny rug or candle mat in ages. I seem to be busier with knitting and machine embroidery. This past week I came to the realization that I have to give in and ordered a metre of wool fabric. I have to confess the ol’ blanket needs a little brightening up and I want to make a border for it. This means the order of the blocks will probably change and a couple of blocks may even get stitched again. My creation is still moving forward and the new fabric will be here sometime next week. Before I can stitch on it I will have to wash and felt the fabric, which won’t take long, by then I will have decided which blocks will stay and which will be replaced. Oh the colour I ordered is……a surprise. 🙂 LOL

For now I would like to show you which blocks I have stitch for this week.

Block 22

Block 22

Block 23

Block 23

Block 24

Block 24

Block 25

Block 25

Happy stitching and have a great weekend




March 21, 2014 · 8:03 PM

3 responses to “Crazy Blanket ..The Next Step

  1. claire93

    all gorgeous, but a preference for the thistle this time ^^


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