Cross Stitch SAL – Stage 4

Hello and welcome to Stage 4 of our SAL. I’ve been stitching along on the “Lord’s Prayer Sampler” since January along with Avis and Claire who are both working on Cirque des Cercles . Which are very beautiful cross stitch projects. You can find Avis over at Sewing Beside The Sea and Claire at claire93 . I hadn’t stitched anything in cross stitch for quite a while, so starting this long awaited sampler was a little daunting since the eyes and hands don’t work as well as they once did, I guess that would be why I stick to the larger projects of machine embroidery ( let the machine do the work ) Also the reason I must regrettably bow out of the SAL as Claire and Avis are aware. 😦 Although cross stitch is a beautiful art it is also a very small art and I don’t mean that in a grand sense I mean its small and hard to see. So I am taking a break away from the cross stitch, but I will keep plodding along at a slower pace. And post from time to time my turtle like progress 😉 I promise … it will not get put away in a drawer ! For now here is Stage 4 of the SAL

Stage 4

Stage 4

Happy Stitching everyone  and have a wonderful week …Izz



April 6, 2014 · 2:00 AM

10 responses to “Cross Stitch SAL – Stage 4

  1. claire93

    it’s looking gorgeous Izz^^
    and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow at your own pace


  2. It’s beautiful!! There are so many colour changes so I’m not surprised your eyes are hurting. Just do a little bit now and again and you’ll get there. Claire and I will be cheering you on 🙂


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