Crazy Blanket….The Craziness Is Over !!!! :)

Hello and welcome to Thee Crazy Blanket posting. 🙂 I started the Crazy Blanket idea back in February, stitching a few blocks each week with a different embroidery designs. A little something that had meaning to us transplanted Nova Scotians living here in Alberta . There were some changes here and there and an oops or two but it finally came together !  I am sooo glad I sent for the extra wool and exchanged those 3 squares for the natural white  and used the rest of the natural white for the border .

Then came the job of assembly! It took a little thought and planning to get everything together because I didn’t want double stitching to show on the backing. I didn’t use any batting or layers in between the wool squares on the front and the flannel I used for the backing. I assembled all the pieces with a blanket stitch ( of course ;)) on the sewing machine. I used a medium grey for the top thread since I thought this would be neutral overall to the wool squares. I took some measurements and marked a starting point on the back of the flannel and did a little experimenting on how I would lay out the squares and how it would stitch it. The first bottom row was tricky because only the seams between the squares were stitched. With the use of spray adhesive and alot of pins, the sewing and assembling went along alot better and faster then I thought it would 🙂

Flannel backing

Flannel backing

I cut the natural white wool into 5″ strips and started with the  sides and finished off with the two ends pieces

Blanket stitch on the corner

Blanket stitch on the corner


Thank you to those that have followed along with my crazy idea   lol 🙂 I’m sure this will be a great conversation piece as I take it to camp outs and firework displays or just sitting out in the evenings and watching sunsets

Crazy Blanket

Crazy Blanket

Have a wonderful week of crafting



I did want to mention that the great embroidery designs that I use are from and /or




April 16, 2014 · 3:08 PM

4 responses to “Crazy Blanket….The Craziness Is Over !!!! :)

  1. claire93

    well done! I love the cream border. Your blanket looks beautiful and very snuggly ^^


  2. It’s fabulous and definitely not crazy 😉 I’ve really enjoyed watching it grow!


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