Hand Bags and Purses

Hello and welcome, I was doing some more stitching and embroidery onto handbags last week. I also did a little recycling as well 🙂  The first project of the week was this awesome tote bag. I found the pattern ..free..on allpeoplequilt.com  It’s about 15″X 15″ and 6.5″ deep ( 38cm x 38cm x 16.5cm ) And its actually the pattern that inspired me to look for this fabric. Its not identical to the pattern but it was close enough and of course I added some machine embroidery. I love these wonderful stamps and post marks and text (that I used in a previous project) from Urban Threads

The recycled part of this project is the handles, the bag bottom, the little top corner pieces and the tab for the latch hook. These pieces are from used Carhartt work pants. I picked out the best pieces of the legs and used the fabric inside out since the outside of the pants were faded and had a couple of grease spots and spots of paint that wouldn’t wash out 🙂

I used a black polyester fabric for the inside ( I didn’t get photos ) and I used a magnetic snap closure.  Its going to make a great travel bag. I never seem to have enough room for all the necessities 😉

Large Tote

Large Tote


Embroidered stamps

Embroidered stamps and text

I added lots of embroidery designs to this one. I wanted it to look well traveled 🙂

Large Tote

Large Tote

I added a small latch hook to keep keys and little things like that handy.

The second project of the week was this lovely handbag. Back in September of 2013 I won a draw over at SusieDDesigns. My Prize was the  pattern for the Amelia Pleated  Handbag. Its taken me a few months to get around to making it…huge surprise eh?  lol I had to order buckles and closures for the bags and well I got busy while I waited for the parcel to come. But what better time for a new handbag or two is spring time? I loved the fabric from the large tote so much that I used it to make a matching handbag with the pattern. This pattern was a dream to work with. The instructions are very well written and the diagrams are right on, step by step. The handbag measures about 10″ X 12″ ( 25.5cm x30.5cm)



I added a large stamp and post mark embroidery design to either side of the handbag, its adds a nice texture too.

I also lined the handbag with the same black polyester fabric that I used inside the large tote. I used fusible web on both lining and outer fabrics, the woven kind, and I found this to be the best that I have used. It kept the slippery polyester from shifting as I was sewing with it.

Fabric Purse 1



This lovely Batik fabric went into making this handbag from the Amelia Pleated Handbag pattern.  I had made this one about 3 weeks ago , but I have been waiting to post about it since it was a gift for my daughter and it had a long way to travel in the mail 🙂 I lined this one with a tan colour cotton fabric and used brass coloured buckle and closure.

Fabric Purse 2

Batik Handbag

I hadn’t used magnetic closures before so I popped over to SusieDDesigns’ blog and read her very helpful tutorial on how to attach a magnetic snap closure. After that I had all the info I needed and I think I did a pretty good job on my first try.

Fabric Purse 2

Batik Handbag

I already have a request for another handbag. These were so easy to make and it doesn’t take very much fabric. For the size of it, I can really get quite a bit into it… I never seem to travel light lol

Thank you to SusuieDDesigns for creating such lovely patterns and thank you for dropping by…happy stitching





April 22, 2014 · 8:53 AM

9 responses to “Hand Bags and Purses

  1. claire93

    gorgeous bags ^^ I especially like the batik one.


  2. They are all lovely but my favourite is the batik one too. My sister bought me some Bali Pops for my last birthday but I haven’t used them yet. Now I’m inspired!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All the bags you’ve made are fantastic and I’m so pleased you liked using my Amelia handbag pattern. I love your choice of fabrics too! 🙂


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