Cross Stitch Sampler – Part 5

Hi there, well its been a long time coming. I have the next stage of the Lord’s Prayer Sampler Stitched. I’ve been plodding along at one thing or another and its these past few days that I have made really good progress on my cross stitch. We have a few renos in the works and one of them is /was, part of the roof. We’ve had roofers here tearing off old roof and installing new, which made it very difficult to work upstairs in my sewing room with so much noise over my head lol And rather than being chased out of the house for 3 days I decided to bring my pallet of threads down stairs to the living room , where it was quieter and work on cross stitch there. I don’t usually work on my needlework in the living room unless it’s knitting. But it was sunny and easy to see what I was doing. 😉  And as you can see Roxie wasn’t sure about all the noise and she didn’t stray too far from my side :D….By the time I’m writing this the commotion is over and the house it back to normal. For now anyway lol.

Thread Pallette

Thread Pallette

This section of the sampler wasn’t as colourful as the last 2 sections and it seems like less of a “hoora” now that its done lol Although I found the backstitching on this section quite detailed and it shows more of the fish in the column.

Stage 5 of Lords Prayer Sampler

Stage 5 of Lords Prayer Sampler

addition of left corner

addition of left corner

I won’t give a date on the next part of the sampler since we have decided that we must to get at some much needed yard work and another reno, and work does come before play…right ? lol ….but in between my work I will be stitching on what I had planned for stage 6 and 7 and have already put some stitches in prior to this post. Slow and steady and onward and upward 🙂

Happy stitching and have a great weekend ……Izz 🙂



May 29, 2014 · 2:51 PM

4 responses to “Cross Stitch Sampler – Part 5

  1. claire93

    well done Izz ^^ I am so glad to see that you’re finding time to work in this sampler. The backstitch really does bring the detail to life and it’s looking better with each stage.


  2. You’ve made so much progress since the last time I saw this. It’s looking great!! Well done for putting up with all the noise!


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