Rhythm of Knitting

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying life and your crafts. Its been pretty busy around the Needleworks household, with yard work and the newest renos. But I always find time for my needlework. Whether its machine embroidery or cross stitch or knitting. And this morning its knitting. The sun is coming around the corner of the house and there is a warm sunny corner on the deck, just right for sitting and sipping my coffee and working on the latest pair of socks. My Mr. Mister asked me one day, why I was still knitting socks when summer is coming?  I answered , because there is yarn my dear 🙂 lol He nodded and smiled, knowing just what I meant 🙂 At the risk of repeating myself, I love to knit and I love knitting socks. They are portable, some are complex patterns and some are supper easy, and as much as I enjoy the complex patterns, sometimes I like to sit and not think about what I’m knitting. Like the socks I am working on now.



The pattern is simply Knit 4 , Purl 4. and around and around we go. I find with any pattern after the first few rows ( 4 or 5) I get into a rhythm of knitting. I don’t have to count 1 2 3 4 and bring my yarn to the back or front, it happens automatically, allowing the mind to wonder…but not too far lol or plan the chores of the day ahead or just relax into a meditated state and in this case time gets away from me 🙂 As it should sometimes. I find if I’m working on a new pattern, one I haven’t knit before and its quite detailed that I need a quiet spot to concentrate and other times I can watch TV or carry on a conversation while I’m knitting and hardly look down. But it is also nice to have a quiet moment with a easy pattern. How do you other knitters approach your craft?  And do you like to use metal needles or wooden ones?  My favs are bamboo but for the stretch yarn I am using in these socks I find the yarn slides over the metal needles best.

I had/ have very achey ( if thats a word) hands. I actually gave up knitting for a few years 😦 when I read that bamboo knitting needles were easier to knit with if you had problems with yours hands. So I gave it a try, my hands still ache but I can enjoy knitting longer then I used to when I was using metal needles. It’s pretty safe to say I don’t knit many stretch socks lol But sitting in the sun makes it that much easier and enjoyable .

Now that the coffee is gone and I have gotten my knitting and writing fix, its time to push a broom and then get outside again..its looks like its going to be a gorgeous 21C degrees today and there is still lots to do.

Thanks for dropping by and have a fabulous week and weekend.

Izz 🙂





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June 12, 2014 · 10:51 AM

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