Back In The Sewing Room (Blogging)

Hello everyone. I feel like I’ve been far far away but the truth is I’ve been in and out of the sewing room all summer, when I haven’t been in the garden or avoiding the noise of more renos or taking a little R&R . Yes it has been busy like a bee hive here on the lake. But before I get too far along on this post I want to applaud those of you who are faithful to your blogging as well as your craft. You all do such a wonderful job and I have missed reading about the latest projects. I seem to plunk into my arm chair at the end of the day and knit on something  simple, like the shrug I have been working on forever. Its one of those things I need to keep around….knit a row then purl a row, some day when its finished I will write a post about that too.   I have  been working on quite the pile of projects this summer.  And I think I have taken pics of most of them. So I do have plenty to write about, it’s that thing about taking pen in hand and getting at it, so before I get off track, let me show you a couple of things.
The butterflies have long since flown away or where ever they go this time of year, which always reminds me of a children’s book that I had read to my kids when they were much younger. “Where do butterflies go when it rains.?” My daughter tells me she still has that book and reads it to her son …is that great or what ? Butterflies are one of my favourite things and I love collecting the gorgeous embroidery designs to stitch onto my fav skirt.

Butterfly skirt 4

I added 3 new butterfly designs this year. The first was my all time favourite the Tiger Swallowtail that I machine embroidered just under the front pocket . That was a very dense design and I slowed the stitching down so I wouldn’t have any problems.

The little butterfly design on the bottom right of skirt ( left in the pic ) is a design I stitched a couple of years ago , it’s from a series of five. That is also a continuing project. lol

Butterfly skirt 1

These beautiful painted butterflies are stitched on the left side on the skirt front. Any colour combination would look fantastic with this design.

Butterfly skirt 2


And these quick stitch butterflies . I flipped the design after the first stitching and embroidered the mirror imagine to either side of the back of the skirt

Butterfly skirt 3

While the embroidery machine was doing its thing I was checking out more designs and found this lovely cobweb and flowers design. I stitched it out but I’m not sure what it will be yet. I used a silver gray for the web which makes it look a little elegant.


Embroidery library has a very nice collection of “sketches ” so of course I have to have a couple of those too :).

I know a couple of some bodies who have a German Shepard and a Lab. And it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t get the Doberman sketch for myself 🙂 These I think would look great just framed . The German Shepard  and Lab sew outs are on cotton fabric and the Doby is on medium weight canvas. I think it will stitch the GS and Lab again on the canvas then frame them. The canvas should hold up better in a frame tan the light cotton will .






And speaking of framed stitching I love how these sewing room signs turned out.  They are meant to be stitched in two colours. I chose a dark brown for the main subject and wine for the text. But any colour combination would look great and would be a very nice gift for any crafter 🙂










I apologize about a couple of the photos being dark. I had already mounted them into the frames and it was difficult not to get any kind of reflection in the glass lol  .



They are stitched on a medium weight canvas. The canvas is something I found in the hardware store believe it or not ! I was going through the paint isle and spotted these large packages of drop cloth. 4 ft by 12 feet. I had to try it out. Bought one package and when I got it home put it in the clothes washer on warm and dried it well in the drier. If it’s going to shrink it better shrink now , right? The results were just what I hoped for. And the 8″ X 10″ frames where only $4 each and the variety shop. I have a few other sew outs I would like to frame like this. Welcome signs and animal “sketches.”
But that’s for another day.
Thank you so much for dropping by. I have so much reading to catch up on. And now that the colder weather has drove me indoors I hope I can get caught up on all the news.
Have a wonderful day and week crafting at what ever makes you happy .




October 27, 2014 · 9:55 PM

2 responses to “Back In The Sewing Room (Blogging)

  1. claire93

    gosh you have been busy! Your dog embroideries are so effective and I love the cobweb too (so seasonal lol). I bet you turn a few heads when you wear your butterfly skirt!

    Liked by 1 person

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