Bright Threads and Lots of Coffee!!

Hello everyone, I hope you have your cup of ready to go!  For me its coffee in the morning.  One of the best things, I say one , because there are so many great things in life. But one is a box full of thread coming in the mail. Yes!!  Better then getting a bouquet of flowers anytime !!  Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers ! But I really love bright beautiful embroidery threads because the possibilities are endless. I use Isacord embroidery threads. They are strong with very little if any breakage. And if I do have a problem with thread breaking , the first thing I check is my needle. With the embroidery machine the needle goes through a lot more passes then regular sewing and I change mine about 2 or 3 times a month or depending on the size ( stitch count) of the designs I have on the go. After changing the needle AND checking for lint build up the problem is usually solved. I bought my first home embroidery machine 9 years ago and its been my favourite craft since. The designs and colour combinations and what you can do with the designs!!  Like ..mug mats !!!! yes  So colourful, to brighten up the day along with your favourite cup of coffee or tea ! The mug mats themselves didn’t take long at all to sew together. I measured evenly around the design a  8 1/2″ square and added a bit of co-ordinating colour to the corners with a 1/4″ seam allowance and used the same colour for the backing with batting in between. Top stitched the edges and we have a mug mat to go. This little collection I sent to my daughter and the girls in her office. 🙂











It was a fun project to make and share. I hope you have a wonderful week crafting at what makes you happy.




November 8, 2014 · 5:00 AM

4 responses to “Bright Threads and Lots of Coffee!!

  1. claire93

    brilliant gifts ^^
    I need at least 2 mugs of coffee every morning before I’m fully awake lol.

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  2. They are far too nice to put coffee mugs on! I’d string them together as bunting ☺. I love threads too, almost as much as fabric.

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  3. Those are so charming. I can see them on a kitchen wall. Thanks for stopping in my blog.


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