Beautiful Batiks

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a great week with your crafts. Always busy here at the lake and I am plodding along on the big project but not ready for a sneak peak…yet!  What I do have today is a project that I bought the fabric for a few months ago and finished up by October.  My daughter discovered that she loves batik fabrics. The colours and the patterns she loves them all, so my chore was to pick and chose and narrow down our choses to go with her kitchen decor or possibly create her kitchen decor??  A few text msgs later and we had a nice selection 🙂 Also after some discussion we decided on a pattern or an arranging of colours would better describe it lol The stripe fabric at the top of the first pic is what I used for the backing of the table cover, placemats and inside the toaster cover. First on the list was a table cover. Pictured is my table, my daughter’s table is round and larger and the cover doesn’t hang over the edge. Next is the toaster cover, placemats (set of 4) and a hot mat. I also made a lap quilt for her. As soon a I saw the bird of a wire design I knew it would be perfect for this project. I matched one of the greens and bought a little extra fabric. The light colour batik wasn’t in the original selection and I needed a lighter colour to stitch onto, I bought enough to use on the back of the lap quilt too. I used the stitch in the ditch method to quilt the layers together, except when I got to the birds on a wire panel. There is a lovely palm pattern in the lighter fabric and it looked so much like feathers too, it just went with the whole idea of the lap quilt 🙂 For the panel I used my Bernina BSR foot and did a little free motion quilting, trying to follow the palm leaves. And for this I used a matching Isacord embroidery thread in the quilting. I am very pleased on the results that I got. More even stitches even though I am still learning with the BSR and free motion quilting. Another design seemed to pop out at me as I was finishing up and I seem to have lots of fabric left over.. so why not a wall hanging with a message ? I’m sure as my daughter goes along she will come up with something else for me to add to her collection 🙂 I have lots of this fabric left.. a good habit or a bad habit of buying more than enough fabric.?
















Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read…. I hope you have a fabulous week of crafting at what makes you happy.





November 15, 2014 · 5:00 AM

2 responses to “Beautiful Batiks

  1. claire93

    simply gorgeous fabrics Iz, and your crafting is superb. I love the little birds embroidery especially ^^

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