Wednesday warm up and J&J Quilt part II

Hello there, it looks like a Wednesday warm up out there. No ..I am not about to do any exercises.. lol.. Thats something for the funny papers 😉 But the temperature out doors has certainly warmed up. Its a scortching plus 2 Celsius !!  I can’t believe it. It was just minus 27C a few days ago and yesterday it went all the way up to -2C . I’m not about to get the spring bulbs out just yet LOL but living in northern Alberta this is a nice relief from the deep freeze we have been in lately. And while its been so cold outside, Ive been sewing and knitting inside 🙂

I’ve made some progress on the quilt in the past week after making a couple of minor changes, which actually caused a little dilemma for me but all in all I decided to look past it and keep on going.

I’m not a frequent quilter so I have a little trouble with block placement. I wish someone else would pick the colours and arrange them and I’ll be very happy to do the sewing LOL  I usually stress out about it and take forever to decide if this is going with that and should I put the blocks this way? you know how it goes …Once I started sewing the small blocks together I thought..ok this is going smoothly until I looked a bit too long at the arrangement of the whole quilt on my quilting app and I wasn’t happy with how it looked as you can see my original arrangement from the previous post.

J&J quilt

See , thats my problem ,I think too much lol.  Instead of this , I took away some of the gold tone blocks and added a few more reds and twice as many blue. Well this is what I came up with.

JJquilt2I’m stitching the blocks together row by row and working on the diagonal. I finally told is what it is.. its working and thats whats important? Right?  Right??   after picking out a couple of seams and restitching it was time for a break, so I took a couple of pics and here I am nearly ready for some comfort knitting 🙂


I also want to share the sight and smell of fresh Banana Bread with you! If anyone is up to getting their snow shoes on that is LOL  Baking fills the house with the most wonderful aroma !

And while we are on the subject of snow..ok ok  I can hear a collective shutter , but is pretty awesome out there. We took a drive on Christmas Eve and a couple of days after Christmas day and took these pics of our little adventure and I would like to share our snowy landscape with you, so bundle up and I hope you enjoy the view 🙂



The frost was heavy on this day, I think the temperature was -27C





We saw old abandoned farm equipment in a couple of spots and this old truck, I love taking pics like this one. 🙂



The buffalo don’t roam anymore , at least not anywhere near here, but you can see them on the local Buffalo Farms. They are a huge animal with massive heads.



And we even saw a moose on our way home, that was nice to see. We don’t get to see moose very often cause they are shy. As soon as we stopped to snap a pic he(she) was turning to go back into the woods.


Thanks for dropping by, have a great week crafting at what makes you happy and stay warm 🙂





January 14, 2015 · 4:51 PM

10 responses to “Wednesday warm up and J&J Quilt part II

  1. Oh my, smell that wonderful bread. It warms the cold right out winter. Your photos are wonderful. Your quilt is going to be really pretty when it’s finished. I hadn’t thought to sew a quilt together on the diagonal. I may have to give it a try sometime.
    Happy crafting. Bundle up & keep warm.

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    • Thank you EC and you are right. Fresh baked does warm you up :). We get out as much as we can to get pics of the area or on a road trip lol. As for the quilt. I had seen the diagonal in a magazine and really liked it plus I should get more width on the quilt with 6.5 inch squares on the diagonal like that. Silly me bought just enough of the black with blue flowers and not an inch more :(. So I am doing my best to get a quilt that will fit a queen size bed.
      Izz 🙂

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  2. claire93

    I think you did right to remove the golds – there’s a lot more harmony now with blues & reds.
    and bbbrrrrrrr to your cold weather ^^

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    • Thank you Claire, you’re thinking no gold tones at all? I was looking at it and somehow they didn’t fit but I wanted a little more colour without going completely scrappy mmmm ? you got me thinking ! lol ….going to sewing room to see what I have left for blue fabric ..fingers crossed 🙂


  3. Hi Izz, I love your quilt now that the golds have gone. I’ve never made a quilt top on point before but they always look really good. I must try that one day. Fancy giving us that lovely warm inside feeling with the smell of your banana bread and then throwing us all out into the freezing cold LOL! Actually, your pictures are fabulous. What a wonderful place you live in 🙂

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