Knitted Finishes

Well its time for a day off from packing and cleaning and touch up painting. Its amazing the little things you (I) overlook when cleaning day to day. That little nick or dent from moving furniture ! And taking down pictures from walls ?! yikes.. holes to fill and touch up. Not to mention making the sewing room look like a it could be a bedroom, it seems to be the worst offender for clutter, I don’t understand why or how !? Ha Ha   Here are just a few of the fabric containers that went out to the storage shed and there is a lot more that’s in zippered bags, the kind you get a comforter or blanket in? Yup I keep all those for storing yarn and fabric in. Just the tip of the iceberg……



This one is mostly for socks and hats 🙂




and then there are scraps of this and that left over from throws or slippers…. and ya know, I’m not sure what LOL  some of it I have had for a while …oh dear…



So I’ve come to the point where enough is enough …enough packing away and enough yarn…yes I did say that and I will wash my mouth out with soap as soon as I finish this post! LOL.Of course there is a yarn shop very close to where we are moving to!!! ooh ! So I think the house is ready.. its up and listed online and we wait, hopefully not too long. The housing market is good here so fingers crossed. And in the mean time I have some knitted finished to show you. Yes I did have an hour or two in the evenings to knit, thats about all I have left out is knitting supplies and the quilt I want to get back to working on.

The first is a red tweed slouchy hat made with a chunky yarn. Its knits up very quickly and I love the feel of this particular yarn. This was a special request as  many of my projects are. And I don’t mind hearing  “Izz or Mom could you make this or that”.. and they all know I am more than happy to get at it 🙂

I found the free pattern online at and only changed it a little



Before I made the red hat I wanted to try out the pattern with a variation and I had some brown tweed chunky yarn and made this I think I will stick with the pattern as  although it is a cute version, its not quite my style 🙂



Another pattern I wanted to try and use up some leftover yarn was this simple toque, using another chunky yarn in an ombre. The exact colour ? I had it wrote down but its “somewhere” with my notes. 😦   But another quick and easy pattern to knit in an evening and very warm. Its from a Patons pattern book I bought recently, Patons Classic Wool Bulky Vol 1 , lots of great patterns in this one 🙂



Then I thought it would be cute to make a cameo woodsman’s toque for B, our grandson who was born last October, Drew the bear was good enough to model another hat for me. I am really enjoying these evening knitting projects 🙂 Most of them knit up on 4mm circular needles and that makes the work go along nicely. This one is from a free pattern at . A great and hat and mittens pattern. By the way these last two hats have been knit for a month or so and waiting to appear in a post lol I really don’t knit as fast as it might appear.. I actually knit slow ..this is why I am so far behind with socks. oh well everything in time but I am showing great restraint when it come to buying more yarn…. I just look away lol



And just recently J asked if I could make a bunny ear hat for B. I had a pic to go by….. off I go on the net to search for a pattern…the only one I really like and came close to the pic was in a book for $16.99… well thats a bit much for one hat pattern so I got out my note book and needles and experimented and came up with this little guy. All in all it worked out well but needed a little more tweaking to the pattern just before the ears. I may even unravel this blue one yet and make it right 🙂 who knows !



More scribbling and a couple of sheets of graph paper later we have a creamed coloured bunny hat 🙂 The brim is rolled up to fit Drew but it should be a perfect fit for B . I can’t wait to see pics with him wearing  this !!



And for my final finishes and no I haven’t knit all these things in two weeks !  The striped socks I have had finished for a little while. They have been waiting for the sea foam socks before they could be put in the mail and sent out with the red hat. I guess this clean up is just what I needed, it gave me the chance to finish up a few knitted projects and get them out in the mail. Its hard to tell from the pic but the sea foam socks that are knit in a embossed leaf pattern are knit with a 75% pima cotton and 25% acrylic. Its a very soft yarn and should feel cool on the feet in the summer. I have another knitting project on the go right now and I hope to get that finished up over the weekend since we are pretty much snowed in, it looks like a nasty slippery day out there. Heavy snowfall warning and wind chill of -32C  yuk 😦


seafoam socks


So thanks for stopping by…I hope you have a warm and safe weekend crafting at what makes you happy… until next time

Izz 🙂



February 6, 2015 · 1:02 PM

2 responses to “Knitted Finishes

  1. claire93

    your sorting inspired me to buy some plastic transparent boxes and I’ve been sorting buttons, lace, bias, embellishments etc ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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