The Monster Project

What’s bright green and two shades of blue and has a wicked smile?

Well you’ll have to read on for a bit to find out…that’s if you don’t scroll ahead and that would be cheating!!  🙂  I get asked on a fairly regular basis , by family of course. If I could make this or that….Could?  mmm of course I could … its would !  haha  and that answer is always the same…YES! 🙂

Or I’m making things they haven’t asked for and I do gift a lot of my sewing and knitting. I’m a big believer in hand made heirlooms, that can be past down in the family. Even the clothes and hats that are knitted for the children. When they are outgrown, they will surely fit someone else’s children and the life of the garment goes on. But before I get off track, which is completely possible these days 😉 I saw this adorable pattern on Pinterst and the link took me to Ravelry where I found the free pattern and decided with everything else that I have going on…yes… I just have to make this… SO.. I went back on my word  and bought more yarn ..not that that’s such a difficult thing for me to do…I can buy more fabric and yarn all to easily lol  I’m like a 3 year old..”oh look ..its that pretty” lol which most always makes Mr. Mister’s eyes roll in amusement 🙂 because he knows I have little will power in a yarn shop. I’ve already packed enough fibre away to last years as it is honestly it is a little shameful, but only a little  LOL … and of course I wouldn’t have these colours anywhere in my stash !! …oh darn it 😉 lol



And as luck would have it, the local shop had the colours of yarn I was thinking of…is that amazing or what? 🙂  I was thinking I wanted to use blue and a bright green and there is was. That is karma ! Patons Canadiana yarn is very nice to work with and so soft,  in 100 g balls of worseted weight. And you guessed it…Made in Canada




With this one I am starting with the end and working a little backwards. This is the finishing touches, duplicate stitches in just the right places transform this from ordinary to…  not yet ! lol But that is a nice bright green , isn’t  it ? lol  I changed up the colour sequence a little as I usually do….just because curiosity gets the best of me 🙂 and I want or need to know how its going to look this way apposed to that way.

So now for the front of this not so huge (6 month old size) monster of a project. Can you guess? or did you peak ?



Yea… Its Monster pants lol  Are they adorable or what?  As I am reading the instruction for this knit, the author/ designer admits its her first knitting pattern that she has wrote and I think she has done an excellent job. Because it was translated to english I did have a bit of trouble with a couple of areas of the pattern because the standard knitting instructions were not there. Not a big deal, and once I got past that ( it could have very well been me not the pattern ) it was pretty much straight forward and knitted up quickly…a little knitting here and there and I was finished in a weekend, another fun project. I did forget to get a pic of the monster pants with the waste tie that I braided in the tree colours of yarn. I was so excited to get these and hats in the mail that I realized what I had forgot after the parcel was taped up and ready to go lol   And I’ll have to wait a while to see B in his monster pants as they are a little big for him.. the pattern says 6 months but I think they would fit a  7 to 8 month old and B is just 5 month old now . I can’t wait.. 🙂






Oh yea and in my previous post I had made B a bunny hat at Momma’s request 🙂 and we received a pic with B wearing his hat..I just hope the expression on his face isn’t his opinion of Grammie Izzie’s knitting  LOL



I leave you with this cutie and wish you all a wonderful week of crafting at what makes you happy..stay warm and safe





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March 4, 2015 · 1:49 PM

One response to “The Monster Project

  1. claire93

    I really am going to have to learn to knit before I become a grandma ^^

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