Fall Finishes

Hello and welcome back. I’ve taken a bit of a leave of absence from sewing and blogging. We went through a big move earlier this summer and with all that’s involved in such a long move and waiting for furnishings to arrive, well I won’t bore you with the details lol but it does take a lot out of a body 🙂 Now with getting settled in…….to the sewing room that is…..because of course , that’s why we are here?! The walls have been painted and as you can see I am stuck with mint green shag like carpet until spring lol  thats when some decent flooring will go in..which means moving all the machines again arg.. lets not think about that right now LOL   and like I said I’m “getting” settled in  🙂   I have a little less space for sewing here in NS but that’s ok, it may help me use the fabric and yarn that I have on hand…to make room ….for more of course LOL Sew…let’s see what beautiful colours fall has brought our way. And by the way it is beautiful with the changing of colours.. the gorgeous reds and golds and browns..i love it.


One of the first projects I got into was stitching embroidery designs onto ready made placemats. The placemats were a great buy at $1.50 each ( Canadian funds) at the local bargain shop, that also sells fabric and yarn 🙂

I  don’t think I could make them that inexpensively myself..with that same type of fabric.. so here we go..I chose the design and colours I wanted to use on the dark gold fabric.


Using temporary spray adhesive on tear-away backing , I lined up the backing and placemat. The design is going to be close to the left side of the placemat. Its going to take the large hoop for this project. (6″X10″)


Since the fabric design has a waffle pattern, this makes it easier to line up and place the fabric in the hoop, but since I’m so close to the edge I secure the placement with a few straight pins through the placemat and backing. Which I keep a close eye on while the design is being stitch so the pins don’t get caught up with embroidery foot or hit by the needle. As you can see I have plenty of the backing on the outer edge of the hooped fabric which  really helps stabilize the project. The width of the placemat worked out pretty well, the edges cover the entire hooped area.


Now to start stitching..I picked a nice airy design and wanted to focus on adding dark fall colours rather than filling in.


Since my embroidery machine is a home crafting model it does not go at break neck speeds, I set the speed at mid way for the best quality stitching 🙂 It does get the job with excellent results and using a great quality design definitely helps.


And here we are, After about an hour of stitching and thread changes, clip all the thread ends and tear away the backing. Yes there is still backing within the stitched area on the back of the placemat. but who looks at the back ?? 😉 I stitched 3 others to make a set of 4 placemats. They are very washable and any pulling of the design can be eliminated with a press of the steam iron if you desire.


My next fall finish is a wool candle mat. Its a very easy project. I use felted wool but crafting felt would work too. I found some nice leaf templates on line and printed them out. I used heat and bond to adhere the leaves to the mat but a fabric glue or spray adhesive works too, just until you have the leaves stitched to the main mat. I stitch each leaf onto the mat free style and finished with a blanket stitch around the edge. Wool can take a good amount of steam pressing to get in back in shape after stitching and you’re ready for the candle.



It’s nice to be back in the sewing room and back to blogging, I have a lot of catching up to do but all in good time. Thank you for dropping in and I hope you have enjoyed my projects. Have a great day crafting at what ever makes you happy.




October 25, 2015 · 11:52 AM

4 responses to “Fall Finishes

  1. claire93

    good to hear that the move went well and that the most important room in the new house is straight ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hurray! It’s so good to see you back in the crafting zone again. Your mats are really lovely 🙂


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