J & J Quilt Part IV and Finish!!

Hello and Welcome.. I’ve been doing some catching up in the sewing room and on my blog and I’ve realized I haven’t posted about finishing the J&J quilt.  I posted back in January about finishing the quilt top and getting the layers together and then the packing began for our move. Since then the quilt has been all finished and delivered to its recipients. I don’t have a pic of the full finished quilt, only bits and pieces and a repeat of what I had finished in January


I believe the quilt finished at 86 ” square. I started by top stitching around the outer edge to hold the layers in place. then I stitched across the 9 patch squares in a lattice pattern as well as stitching in the ditch. I wanted the layers to be secure before I started the free motion quilting. I used scraps and did a lot of practice quilting to get into the “flow” of free motion.  I have read articles and watched videos on quilting and some make it look so easy and other times I think how can I manage that? what if I make a mess of it?  I have tried different forms of practice techniques and took a class on Craftsy in quilting with a regular sewing machine, but the time had come to take a big breath and just start stitching… well I couple of big breathes lol…Do I expect it to be perfect..no..I do want it to look like I know what I’m doing or have some idea of what I am suppose to be doing LOL   what a worry wart ?? right???  .. here I go.




I wanted to use embroidery thread because of the quality of the thread and after I had a nice conversation with the lady I buy embroidery thread from, I hadn’t realized that embroidery thread is a good choice for quilting with so why not start with this quilt ..right?


In the pic below , if you look closely you will see the blue thread in the black triangle. I stitched the same design in the square blocks but I seem to be missing a pic of that 😦 But you get the idea.


Once I got into the free motion of the quilting and got over my nervousness of it all…yes this is a big first for me..I have made a quilt for myself and stitched some free motion but its a different matter when you are giving a quilt to someone else.. I put a lot of pressure on my self to be perfect but I know thats not possible. The more I stitched the more comfortable I got and just went with it and really enjoyed the quilting. In the pic below the quilting is finished and this is the stage just before I trim the edges and sew the binding on. This one was a good learning curb for me in many ways. 🙂 Hours of quilting to get comfortable with the “routine” of quilting..using the same motions over for each triangle and each square block. I think by the time I got to the very last block I was the most happy with the way the stitching was going but by then it was over !!  good grief ! lol 32 triangles and 64 blocks of stitching free motion flowers not to mention the two borders full of flowers…I’ve learned that little imperfections are part of the process. Better late than never eh?  lol


Of course my work isn’t complete unless I can add a little machine embroidery to it, so with the font program I stitched up a label for the back of the quilt and created a heirloom I hope my son and his wife will cherish . 🙂


Thank you so much for dropping in , I hope you have a great day crafting at whatever makes you happy 🙂




October 31, 2015 · 6:46 PM

5 responses to “J & J Quilt Part IV and Finish!!

  1. You’ve done a fabulous job and made a wonderful treasure 🙂 Beautiful quilting too!


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