Trick or Treat!!!!!

Hello and welcome to the witching hour post on All Hallows’ Eve. The ghouls have started knocking on the door and the night air is very crisp. So bundle up and get your treat bag ready 🙂

I’m going to start with colourful spider webs and little orange spiders, not because they are my favourites , not at all but because you have to start with something to put all the treats in before the goblins  come to the door.

This is a supper easy project that my daughter found on the internet and after she had made a couple…well I had to give it a go too 🙂 . I used 2 pieces of fabric the same size ….in spooky colours of course , multi coloured spider webs and an eerie swirl of purple. ..I cut these two fabrics 20″ square and a piece of quilt batting the same size. 8 pieces of ribbon- 6 ” long.




I placed fabric right sides together and then the batting and trimmed the batting to size. I stitched all the way around the fabric ( 1/4″ seam) Placing the ribbon on the insides 5 1/4 ” from each corner and leaving a 6 ” opening to turn the fabric and batting. After turning everything right side out and pressing it with a steam iron, I top stitched around the edge and stitched a grid pattern 5 inches from each edge



I love the swirling pattern in the purple!



   Next, its time to tie the ribbons together on each corner and there you have an easy and awesome spooky fabric basket. This would work with any fabric theme and I’m already thinking of the next season and how they would make great gifts !!



Oops , I should be more careful where I put the treats down at !! It seems to have landed on a witch!!!

This one is an “in the hoop machine embroidery” using crafting felt. The design first stitches a die line, so you know where to place the felt cut-out (pattern for the boot is printed out before hand). Once the die line has stitched and the felt is in place, I stitched the design block by block co ordinating the colours in the boot with the cotton fabric I had cut out for the legs. ( 3 1/4 ” X21″) ..while the boot design is stitching I stuff the legs firmly with polyfill, making the legs stiff enough to stand upside down with the boots on.


The boots are also stuffed a little to give that special affect! After both boots are stitched I hand sew the boot to the leg lining up the seam of the leg with the back of the boot..You know thats important to get the stocking seam straight !! LOL






Here I have a few finished witches legs.  I posted on the local buy and sell. Next year this time I hope to have a enough stock for a table full at the local craft market, something I haven’t done in a while and I think it’s time 🙂



Thanks for dropping in, I hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween

Izz 🙂




October 31, 2015 · 4:39 PM

4 responses to “Trick or Treat!!!!!

  1. claire93

    your witches boots and stocking are brilliant ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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