Knit fast and stay warm….

Hello and welcome… I have to say that I love that saying… no I didn’t make it up lol.. but I love using it…. and that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to lately and I’m still knitting.. as well as a couple other forms of stitchery , which I wish was say that three times fast lol 🙂   Maybe I have too many needles in the pin cushion… or getting myself tied up in a knot over all the needlework I have on the go ?…ok ok  a stitch too far, I know. I think I’m “starting ” to get giddy or tired? lol  But I’m not complaining because I love to knit and I’m often guilty of picking up a new project before I’ve finished the first one… why do we do that ??  My first “finish” was a basic hat embellished with a large button and cable fingerless gloves in a beautiful Natural Heather by Patons Yarns in their Classic Wool. A soft yarn and very nice to work with. ( I apologize for the pics one seems to be darker than the other, but the hat is more of the true colour of the yarn )

Both patterns are free at  -:Effortless Beanie”, I shortened up the ribbing at special request. And  “Fingerless Gloves”



Next up is a cable hat for myself.. I thought it was time 🙂   in Briggs & Little , Regal 2 ply, 100 % pure wool in the colour Plum, and made in New Brunswick . I’ve had this pattern book for a long time and I enjoy knitting this pattern. I love cables and this one knits up quickly. I will be knitting the mitts in this book to match and the scarf as well but I will be mixing in a lovely Lilac colour.


Sorry that one pic is brighter than the other, as of posting time I have this much done…But of course I have stopped to start a pair of wool mitts that the smallest grandson is in need of… cold weather has set in….



This is another Wool yarn from Briggs & Little, Heritage in Royal Blue. This pattern for mitts and hats is also free at  ( striped basic hat and mittens)  There’s a local shop that carries plenty of this yarn so I am a very happy knitter 🙂  I love the idea of using local resources and since New Brunswick is our neighbouring province…well great is that??  As soon as I finish posting I’m back to knitting on the mitts.. can I get them finished before the night is out??


And apparently I speak quite often about my love of knitting and how much I am enjoying knitting with Briggs & Little yarns because for my birthday last month… yes I have been that obsessed with knitting I haven’t posted about my wonderful birthday present my Hubby gave me… a big beautiful bouquet of………. yes ..yarn  … 10 skeins in all   lol  and every one a different colour!!  I couldn’t wait to get them all wound and neatly stacked 🙂  I added in 5 others that I already had including the Plum and Lilac. Some will be hats and some mitts and I haven’t decided on all of them but aren’t they just a lovely sight !!  This winter should be a quieter winter, ( except for the quiet clicking of knitting needles) while we are pretty well settled in here on the beautiful coast of Nova Scotia , I will be able to think more on knitting and needlework instead of packing and moving. As much as I love sewing and other forms of needlework, knitting has to be my favourite,  its soothing and the idea of creating a garment of warmth….just makes me all fuzzy inside 🙂


Thank you for dropping in I hope you are enjoying your week doing what you love…







December 7, 2015 · 6:38 PM

7 responses to “Knit fast and stay warm….

  1. claire93

    if I could knit and follow a pattern, I would. That’s going to be one of my résolutions for the new year: learn to knit properly

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  2. All wonderful woolly projects 🙂 I love knitting too but I don’t do anywhere near as much as I’d like to. I can’t wait for two weeks holiday over Christmas but the ideas are bursting out of my head. There is so much that I’d love to make and do in such a short time.

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