Elves Everywhere !! ;)

Hello and Welcome , It must be the time of year! because as I was hanging the latest addition to our Christmas tree ( from my last post)  when I heard a strange noise under the tree and you won’t believe what I saw when I looked down………


🙂 I think this is a bad attempt at hiding but then where could you hide with shoes that have bells on them?..lol  and if that isn’t strange enough, I also found these boots sticking out from under the tree too !!


Yes , you guessed it more  wonderful machine embroidery designs. These two are from Embroidery Library . They come up with the cutest ideas. These stitched up in no time. I used crafters felt for the boots/ shoes and cotton fabric for the legs. They include great instructions for all their projects like this. This type of design is known as “in the hoop” design.  I added the bells for a fun touch 🙂 ..so as you decorate and get ready for the big day, don’t forget to watch out for little feet scurrying around and under the tree… Happy stitching and have a great day




December 9, 2015 · 9:04 PM

3 responses to “Elves Everywhere !! ;)

  1. Those black boots are amazing 🙂 Lots of fun!

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  2. claire93

    goodness me! elves hiding already? shouldn’t they still be busy helping Santa get that sleigh packed?

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