The Elves have been hard at work !

Hello and welcome !  I just had to pop in for a quick post . I received the first present of the season in the mail today. And I have to say a BIG Thank You and Merry Christmas to one of my blog buddies , Claire over at claire93’s Blog . I received an envelope in the mail with a very nice surprise in it !  🙂  I was like a little girl running with my prize in my hand to hang it on our tree LOL   Thank you thank you claire 🙂 . So nice of you to make an ornament and send it.


Have a great day stitching at what makes you happy




December 9, 2015 · 8:39 PM

4 responses to “The Elves have been hard at work !

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  2. I got one of these last year 🙂 Claire is so kind!

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  3. claire93

    so lovely to see it hanging in the tree. We need to go and buy a tree, and scout around in the attic for the box of tinsel!

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