Machine Embroidery For Christmas


It’s a busy little sewing room here in the harbour and the sounds and smells of Christmas are distracting 🙂 I have last minute gifts to stitch and I’m almost finished. A trip to the local shop for a frame and a mounting board and then it’s time for the wrapping paper 🙂

Chalk Board signs are very popular these days and it has over flowed into machine embroidery designs. I think its fantastic. I chose a black denim fabric to stitch on. It’s a great look.










And to break it up a little, I tossed in a couple of hand towels for the kitchen. I love snowmen.


I have also made up my mind that I will have a table at the local Christmas Craft Show next year. Its a very popular show, and going as a buyer a couple of weeks ago was all I needed to get the bug 🙂 I’m making my list and working up a few ideas and samples.


Let me leave you with these messages




And a Happy New Year… until next year…..





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December 21, 2015 · 3:36 PM

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