Block of the Month Quilt for 2016

Wow , its February already! Time is flying by, and I have so many things on my to do list this year. Working from my stash is one big thing I want to stick to. I’m one for buying fabric because it catches my eye and I don’t know what I am going to do with it but I just know some fabulous project will come up… yea right… well its time to make a fabulous project happen and its going to happen with the help of Craftsy and the 2016 Block of the Month from Lynette Jensen  

The first section is a set of hourglass blocks and a border. I love paisley prints and small prints.





January’s block is complete :)….now its time to watch the next class material and work on February’s block…

Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend crafting at what makes you happy.




February 4, 2016 · 8:58 PM

8 responses to “Block of the Month Quilt for 2016

  1. claire93

    I have yet to make hour glasses – that’s another idea to add to the “to do” list ^^

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  2. Ooh! I haven’t looked at the 2016 BOM yet. They are always good fun. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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