Merry Spring and Happy Easter :)

Ahh spring time in Nova Scotia..I am SO happy to be saying that 🙂  And with spring comes spring cleaning…. which I have been doing a little of …. and painting too and thought a little machine embroidery was due. Since fresh paint was going up and new curtains. Just a quick little valance made from left over board cloth and fresh white linen cafe curtain with a little trim. I am quite proud that I keep using from my stash..mostly  …lol


The pic is a little dark…since I was taking a pic of the window I had to wait until evening. You can see off to the right is the other machine embroidery I stitched. This one is from the apothecary embroidery pack at I stitched the design on the same white linen and since it is a dense design , it pulled at the sides a little, making puckering around the design.  A heavier fabric would have been a better choice but for a framed piece I think it will be ok …


Bees always say vintage to me…and I have a few bee designs 🙂  This design is from embroidery I have a couple of designs picked out to stitch onto a fabric shower curtain.. but thats a bigger project in the future. I use water soluble stabilizer on top of the towel as well and a tear away underneath. The top stabilizer keeps the stitches from sinking into the terri cloth. A run through the regular wash will get rid of the rest of the stabilizer.



With another room painted and cleaned up. Its time to enjoy the rest of the weekend. I did that by stitching up these adorable woven bunnies from a free pattern offered by ….another stash busting project….I think I’m on a roll lol and instead of stitching the eyes and nose as instructed ( like I follow instructions very well lol)  I found a embroidery design that I could edit and use on the bunny’s face… makes them look sleepy 🙂 it was a very quick and easy sewing project and took very little fabric at 9″ (23cm) tall


Sew…..I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Easter….




March 26, 2016 · 9:50 PM

2 responses to “Merry Spring and Happy Easter :)

  1. Wow! You have been so busy. I’ve also done some spring cleaning and decorating. My conservatory is now the nicest room in the house to sit and sew….that is until I fill it up with too many WIPs again 🙂 I love your café style curtains.

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