Take a Seat by The Sea…or at Least The Harbour

And it’s a seat in the cool breeze. We’ve had a couple of days of warm weather, and yes it did feel like summer but that didn’t last lol. Neither does my memory 🙂  I spent a few minutes looking for an old post that apparently I didn’t make..lol  I was so sure I had written about these patio chair cushions…2 years ago? Maybe it was 3 ??  oh well, and last summer was pretty much a write off for sewing and machine embroidery. So I guess I should get at it… 🙂   We had purchased a very nice patio set..4 metal chairs and a metal table..I don’t want to call it wrought iron because it probably isn’t  but it looks like wrought iron… stay with me here..I will get to the point lol  I love the set but I did NOT like the colour of the seat cushions and they were so plain and being just a little bit handy 😉 I instantly reassured Mr Mister that I could make new cushions covers.



And thats when I spied the painters drop cloth canvas  ..Perfect!  heavy weight durable… I bought a package that was 8 ‘ X 16’ I washed it and put it in the dryer and it shrunk up nicely.  I printed out the 5 designs that I was going to use on each panel , moving them around until I was happy with how each nautical theme was placed.  A few marking points and we were all set. I took one of the green cushion covers apart to make a pattern and reused the piping around the edges.




Now fast forward to a couple of weeks ago…where I’m digging around in the closet of the sewing room because I know I put the back cushion fabric in there”somewhere”  already cut out and ready for machine embroidery… mmmm which box… #1 , #2 or… yes of course…#3  funny how what ever I’m looking for is in the last place I look 😉    And the stitching begins

Nautical cushionsII5

Nautical cushionsII4

Nautical cushionsII2

Nautical cushionsII3

I bought an inexpensive quilt batting, the lofty kind and rolled in double layers, so it wouldn’t sag . Now all I need is a little warmer weather or a bigger knitting project for my lap lol

Nautical cushionsII7

Until next time, have fun crafting at whatever makes you happy…Izz





June 28, 2016 · 1:14 PM

11 responses to “Take a Seat by The Sea…or at Least The Harbour

  1. claire93

    wow your embroidery and those cushions really do make for a very stylish set of chairs!

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  2. Those are lovely! I never would have thought a painters drop cloth could look so good. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful cushions with a great theme 🙂 I love them all!

    Liked by 1 person

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