BOM Finishing …let the quilting begin 

 Hi there, long time no see! It has been a long while eh? But I’ve been saving the BOM quilt from 2016 as my first post of this year. I started the Garden quilt BOM just about a year ago and finished the quilt top in June of last year. It got put aside while I was gardening and busy doing other things. But now it is time to get this quilt finished up. I took an afternoon to lay out the layers, which means clearing out the living room and putting the layers together on the floor and using lots of safety pins to hold everything together .  The knees won’t be the same again for a while lol. Probably one of the reasons I took so long to get back at it. That’s day one. Day two is picking out the colours of thread I want to use and start quilting the first section. I’m going to use a pale gold , red and a light teal green on the quilt front and off white for the back.

 I want the quilt to feel light and fluffy so I won’t be doing any dense quilting on this one and I will be using a wide pressure foot with a walking foot just to keep the stitches at a nice regular length. I chose to start in the middle section(hour glass and sawtooth border)  just because that’s the way I put the quilt together and I’m hoping it will make quilting easier and there may be less shifting? Yes? I guess I’ll find out. 

Results of Day Two

I’m pretty happy with my stitching although this method means a lot of turning and handling a lot of fabric but I would be doing that anyway. But at least the knees are resting, now the shoulders get the work out! Who ever said quilting is light work?  Lol. My method of working from the centre out is working well so far, I’m basicly following the borders. It can’t get much easier than that 🙂 

The next section is the blue and beige with the star corners. I have a couple of ideas on how I want that to go, but I’ll keep that to myself …for now 🙂 I wasn’t going to give myself a time limit on quilting and finishing the BOM quilt but I would like to see it finished within the next couple of weeks now that it has been stated and of course it would be nice to say I got the quilt on the bed before winter was out , right ? Lol 

Thank you for dropping by, have a great day crafting and what makes you happy.




February 9, 2017 · 1:53 PM

3 responses to “BOM Finishing …let the quilting begin 

  1. claire93

    lovely to see a blog post from you and even lovelier to see your quilt getting quilted! Keep up the good work, and yes, you might just see it on the bed by the end of winter. Saying that, you’ll need a quilt in the Spring too ^^

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