Evening Knitting 

Winter evenings were made for knitting, this I am convinced of :). Especially if you live in the colder climates. This month I started a simple cardigan, I found the pattern on yarnspirations.com . It takes a worsted weight yarn. I picked Briggs & Little’s  Heritage 100% wool in blue heather. It’s a beautiful blue, like a new pair of blue jeans. And ! The first project on my new needles ! That’s exciting too lol they are interchangeable circular needles from Knitpicks.com . The needles are so smooth and a dream to knit with , but before I get off in another direction….back to the sweater  

This pic is from the first of the month when I began….now I have the back and left front blocked and have started on the right front .

I bought 8 skeins of yarn , figuring up the yardage since the pattern called for a different worsted yarn. I’m using 4.5mm and 5mm needles and the pattern is knitting up to gauge and matching the mesurements in the pattern 🙂  

Right front started, still have two sleeves to go…..I may have some left overBut that’s better than coming up short, not that I’m worried because there are two local shops that carry this yarn ….I’m in heaven ! Lol 

Oh ..just a foot note…no pun intended 😉  but I thought I would use this post to showcase the boot socks I’ve knitted as well. Again Briggs & Little yarn , this time it Tuffy 80% wool and 20% nylon. A little rough and itchy but after the first washing they are soft and fuzzy . 

Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend crafting at what makes you happy.

Izz 🙂 



February 25, 2017 · 4:50 PM

6 responses to “Evening Knitting 

  1. love the sweater! cast on my Briggs and Little cardigan last night. love it!

    I was looking at the tuffy yarns today in my local shop – are your socks the single ply or 2 ply? they softened up a lot? that’s very good, the yarn felt a bit rough to me.

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  2. I did forget to mention about the sock pattern. It’s from ramwools.com and the pattern is called Prairie Vamps. I knit the socks longer than the pattern calls for but then it’s all a personal choice, right ? Here is the link …


  3. claire93

    lots of lovely crafting to keep you warm ^^

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