Scrap Basket Blossoms …..Tulip Appliqués 

New fabric and new inspiration

Working on the last quilt sparked a renewed interest in appliqué for me. After looking at a couple of pattern and technique sources I decided on a Kim Diehl book, Simple Appliqué. This was a perfect choice, wonderful instructions ( I need to be reaquainted with appliqué ) and a pattern for a beautiful quilt that consists of 4 panels.

Since before my pennyrugs days, I have loved the look and the process of appliqué quilts. Stitching penny rugs was one of my favourite needleart forms. But remembering a book I had when I was in my twenties ( not that long ago ! ) Ha Ha , and exploring needlework and just how I wanted to apply my needle…we didn’t have the Internet then , it was either books or magazines or someone who would teach you. Between my grandmother and mother I learned about knitting , hand embroidery and basic quilting but I seem to be on my own about the appliqué work…it really intrigued me but my first attempts were sad looking ones but I believe  everything comes full circle….eventually :). That’s where I am now. The prep work is tedious, cutting the template pieces out of freezer paper. Then the fabric. But I love the stitching of each piece onto its permanent home.

Pressing the edges over and making the stems and arranging the leaves. I really did toss the idea back and forth between machine stitching and hand stitching the appliques pieces and hand stitching won 🙂 I’m very pleased with the process so far , it doesn’t take metres and metres  of fabric, just bits here and there. Sometimes a 1/4 of a metre is all that is needed when I see a fabric in rich colours and patterns. I can see the fabric stash growing a little lol

The stems, leaves and blossoms are stitched on the first panel which is 52cm (20 1/2″). This will be the first stage of my journey into appliqué quilting. 🙂

Thanks for dropping by, have a great weekend crafting at what makes you happy.




March 3, 2017 · 12:46 PM

2 responses to “Scrap Basket Blossoms …..Tulip Appliqués 

  1. claire93

    I must say, I don’t have the patience to try my hand at appliqué, but that doesn’t stop me admiring lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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