Evening Knitting… Finished ! 

In record time ! But then the weather has been helpful!  It’s been snowy, cold and windy and today isn’t any different 😦

I did have one little set back….I was working on the second sleeve….and didn’t realize that I had started it with a 1×1 ribbed cuffed …..see what I did there?    Yea… one would think by the second sleeve that the pattern would be embedded in my brain and knitting needles would be on auto pilot lol.  No such luck.  It did make a nice big ball of yarn when I unraveled it :)…. and I wasn’t long getting back on track 🙂 

I did find a model….a very reluctunt model. I had to bribe her with yarn LOL (  yea….that’s me )  I think between the yarn which is classified as a worsted weight is actually a heavy worsted and the fact that I do believe my knitting tension gets relaxed as I get going on large pieces. Not making excuses …well……actually…..lol. I could have knitted this sweater in a size smaller , the length is great but over all it fits like a ” boyfriend’s / husbands sweater which is what I was sort of going for….it’s very warm and cuddly . I’ve washed it in cold water and I did dry it in the clothes dryer just to try and shrink it a little ( brave or silly? ) 

Brigg’s & Little yarn doesnt shrink up much at all. It felts up nicely and that softens the fibre so it isn’t itchy on the skin. In the pic my shirt has 3/4 length sleeves and the sweater doesn’t bother my arms at all. I don’t have buttons for it yet. I went to the shop and there was very little to choose from in buttons , once the weather clears up I will get a trip to the malls , but for now it’s fine . 

I’m going to curl up in my knitting spot, turn on a movie and take a look at my next knitting project 🙂   Enjoy your week crafting at what makes you happy. 




March 12, 2017 · 12:58 PM

5 responses to “Evening Knitting… Finished ! 

  1. claire93

    I think it’s lovely. I do like a larger sized cardie, so I can wear layers underneath lol.

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  2. it is very nice looking – I love the open neckline. sorry about the weather, though – hope spring comes soon. 🙂

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