Lily Cresent Shawlette…Evening Knit II

Another evening and another knitting project :). This times it’s a narrow lacey shawl, my first one! Yup…I’ve wanted to knit a shawl for quite a while and kept putting it off, until I found this pattern. It’s not a wide shawl, more like a scarf but it’s what I was looking for …at least for my first attempt at a shawl. I have knit lacey pattterns before so that part doesn’t intimidate me lol. It’s working on some 286 stitches ..yikes.  Needless to say I have ready unraveled 2 rows and started over ( lost count somewhere ) and nearly did it again at row 10. But I found my way after frogging ( a new term for this old lady lol ) I’ve picked stitches back before ….lots of times.  But I didn’t know it was called frogging …I got a laugh out of that one.  And I’ve seen others use that term but I didn’t want to ask lol.  Well well. Now I know.  And it was a successful  frogging lol. Can I say that?  😳 

Now that all stitches are accounted for and in their proper place , row 11 is done . The pattern is from Red Heart and called Lily Cresent Shawlette . I’m using Blue Moon , Socks That Rock , 100% superwash merino lightweight . It’s a 155g skein that’s approx. 405 yards / 370m  The colour is Mulberry in Shaded Solids. I’ve had this yarn for a while now, my original plan was to use it for socks but it’s such a nice yarn I wanted to use it making a scarf or ……shawl. Not that I don’t like to use really nice yarn for socks.   I love socks ..! I didn’t want to hide this beautiful yarn and its colour on my feet lol.    

That’s it for this  evening, thanks for dropping by and have a great week crafting at what makes you happy.

Izz 🙂 



March 27, 2017 · 9:02 PM

10 responses to “Lily Cresent Shawlette…Evening Knit II

  1. Glad you are learning new things – shawl knitting and frogging do go together – rippit, rippit! May I suggest stitch markers at pattern repeats, so you can check as you go, and save frogging? Also, running a lifeline through the row once you know it is complete works well too, so ripping is easy if it has to be done. Two life lessons I have learned in knitting lace. 🙂

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  2. claire93

    ooooh that’s a rather sumptuous colour!!! looking forward to seeing this grow

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