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Lily Cresent Shawlette…Evening Knit II..Finished !

I’m pretty happy about this one. My first shawl that started a couple of weeks ago here and I’m finished !   It started out with one unraveling and one frogging adventure.  ( I still think that’s an amuzing term ) lol  The lily pattern went along very quickly, small repeats all the way across and changed every second row. It wasn’t until I got to the short rows, that I had to watch what I was doing, but all went well. My question is with blocking!? 

I didn’t wash the shawl, I laid it out on my primitive mat and towel set up and gave it a good spray with water. Please tell me if that’s right or wrong! I find the lace edge is curling up after a couple of sprays…..I won’t do anything else with it until I can get some advice or am I being too fussy. Lol. That could easily happen you know 🙂 

I tried this but I think the style of the Shawlette won’t let it lay right

Now I can’t wait until it warms up like spring weather out there 🙂 

Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend crafting at what makes you happy 




April 8, 2017 · 1:09 PM