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Block of The Month 2016 – April

April ?? more like May !! WOW I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland , running around ..”I’m late I’m late I’m so late” lol.Just when I think I can concentrate on sewing, life happens…oh well, I’m all caught up now and actually a little ahead whew.

Aprils Blocks were more detailed than the original plan because of course I have to change the plan 🙂

The class instructions were to cut out the pieces to be appliquéd with raw edges and machine stitched on with a zig zag stitch. Thats not the look I wanted for my quilt. I have seen this technique done before and after some time you can see little fuzzy edges of the fabric peaking out through the zig zag stitching and the second reason is I haven’t done a lot of zig zag stitching around edges and I didn’t want to do a sloppy job, so, I sew , hand stitching the pieces on to be more exact 🙂 and it was a lot of sewing but I enjoyed it and that’s important , right?


Instead of the raw edge I cut out the pieces with a bit of extra fabric so I could press it under. I used the thin heat & bond as the instructions called for but in the future I won’t be doing that. It made the pieces stiff and I could feel the resistance with the hand stitching.



8 panels total and I stitched the appliqué before I had sewn the blocks together (better handling) 🙂


And here we have 2016 April’s BOM.. finally  🙂

In case you would like to take a look back and March’s BOM click (here)


I’m super happy about getting this done and I have already finished May’s to be posted very soon.

Thank you so much for dropping by… I hope you have a great weekend crafting at what makes you happy ..



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May 20, 2016 · 10:10 AM

Block of the Month 2016 – February

Hi, Just popping in to post about part 2 – February’s block. Its been a good learning experience for me, since I have little experience in quilting. I have watched a lot of very helpful videos and through trial and error and believe me I have had a lot of errors 🙂 Keeping the seam ripper handy at all times lol. But this particular project has got me excited about quilting and given me a good jump start that I needed. Here in January I posted about the first part of this project.

Here is the next part, the Saw Tooth Border and the Green border.

Feb BOM 20162

Next was assembling the Ohio Star blocks

Feb BOM 2016

there are 8 of them that get used later in the quilt.

Feb BOM 20161

Now March seems so far off, but I do have lots to keep me busy 🙂

Have a great weekend crafting at what makes you happy and Happy Valentines Day to you all



February 13, 2016 · 12:02 PM