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Knit Finishes and Staying Warm ….:)

Before I get crafting off in another direct..which often happens lol  I wanted a make a quick post of my finished Knitted hat, mitts and scarf set that I posted previously here

I made the scarf a shorter version so it would tuck neatly into my coat… Mitts and Hat are a little larger but I’m sure they will shrink and felt in the first wash at least thats my plan 🙂


BBH medallionthrow1

Thanks for dropping by…stay warm and have a great week and weekend crafting at what makes you happy.




February 4, 2016 · 7:52 PM

Still Knitting Fast …its Winter Now !!!

Happy Winter Solstice, which means more knitting !! and staying warm and cozy ! And I’m all for that 🙂  I have a couple of finishes to show you. In a previous post (Knit fast and stay warm) I had started little mitts and a wool cabled hat with Briggs & Little wool yarn. I’m happy to say they are now finished and the little hands are staying warm and I have already tried out my new hat ! Its been windy and cold for the last few days.

Knitted finishes

Knitted finishes1

I’ve already started on the mitts to match the hat. Although the pattern for the mitts is a little confusing. Its not written in a concise way. I don’t mean to criticize but I had to unravel the mitt once I got into the cable pattern. The seed stitch pattern wasn’t looking like it should. Anyway, I rewrote it a bit so that it made sense to me  🙂  I do like the pattern and love this yarn. Briggs & Little , Regal 2ply, 100% wool in the colour Plum

Knitted finishes2

Now , not that I’ve turned into the mad hatter or anything, but I wanted to show you some of the hats that I have knit in the last few months and was waiting for the right post  🙂

The first two hats were knit using Cocoon Pattern I found on The Pink and taupe colour is Bernat Softee Chunky Twists in Tawny Rose. a discontinued colour now 😦 Brown one is knit with Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds, in Earthy Brown

Knitted finishes3

Knitted finishes5

I added my own little, “flare” if you will 🙂 to each hat. Picking up stitches in the ribbing rows on the pink hat making a horizontal rib and adding a button. With the brown hat I added a couple of Purl rows to the crown of the hat too see how that would go 🙂  ok it was an experiment…I crocheted a circle and added that to the side ..just for “interest”.

The next in turn is a hat I knit from an eBook, called Patons Classic Wool Bulky Vol.1 Full of beautiful sweaters and hats. I have my eye on one sweater in particular. A whale of a sweater, but thats for another post 🙂 The hat pattern is called True Colors Hat , a very basic hat and very warm with the chunky yarn. I can’t find the yarn label for this one but I’m sure its Bernat Softee Chunky in an Ombre and I don’t recall the colour, sorry. I see the pattern is free on Revelry.

Knitted finishes4

This two colour gray hat is another version of the Cabled Hat. Knit in Baby Alpaca and felted. Again a button on the side to add a little something 🙂 The Baby Alpaca Yarn is a finer yarn so of course the hat is a smaller size , a very neat fit.



Knitted finishes6

I like trying out different yarns and patterns, it gives me a project to knit and it has help me with my gauge. I have always knit a little loose. For a long time I would knit with a size or two smaller knitting needles. I’m pretty happy where I am at with my knitting.

Except for finishing up the cabled mittens I think any new projects will wait until Christmas dinner is over 🙂

From the Knitting basket have a great week crafting at what makes you happy.

Izz 🙂



December 21, 2015 · 2:54 PM

Knit fast and stay warm….

Hello and welcome… I have to say that I love that saying… no I didn’t make it up lol.. but I love using it…. and that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to lately and I’m still knitting.. as well as a couple other forms of stitchery , which I wish was say that three times fast lol 🙂   Maybe I have too many needles in the pin cushion… or getting myself tied up in a knot over all the needlework I have on the go ?…ok ok  a stitch too far, I know. I think I’m “starting ” to get giddy or tired? lol  But I’m not complaining because I love to knit and I’m often guilty of picking up a new project before I’ve finished the first one… why do we do that ??  My first “finish” was a basic hat embellished with a large button and cable fingerless gloves in a beautiful Natural Heather by Patons Yarns in their Classic Wool. A soft yarn and very nice to work with. ( I apologize for the pics one seems to be darker than the other, but the hat is more of the true colour of the yarn )

Both patterns are free at  -:Effortless Beanie”, I shortened up the ribbing at special request. And  “Fingerless Gloves”



Next up is a cable hat for myself.. I thought it was time 🙂   in Briggs & Little , Regal 2 ply, 100 % pure wool in the colour Plum, and made in New Brunswick . I’ve had this pattern book for a long time and I enjoy knitting this pattern. I love cables and this one knits up quickly. I will be knitting the mitts in this book to match and the scarf as well but I will be mixing in a lovely Lilac colour.


Sorry that one pic is brighter than the other, as of posting time I have this much done…But of course I have stopped to start a pair of wool mitts that the smallest grandson is in need of… cold weather has set in….



This is another Wool yarn from Briggs & Little, Heritage in Royal Blue. This pattern for mitts and hats is also free at  ( striped basic hat and mittens)  There’s a local shop that carries plenty of this yarn so I am a very happy knitter 🙂  I love the idea of using local resources and since New Brunswick is our neighbouring province…well great is that??  As soon as I finish posting I’m back to knitting on the mitts.. can I get them finished before the night is out??


And apparently I speak quite often about my love of knitting and how much I am enjoying knitting with Briggs & Little yarns because for my birthday last month… yes I have been that obsessed with knitting I haven’t posted about my wonderful birthday present my Hubby gave me… a big beautiful bouquet of………. yes ..yarn  … 10 skeins in all   lol  and every one a different colour!!  I couldn’t wait to get them all wound and neatly stacked 🙂  I added in 5 others that I already had including the Plum and Lilac. Some will be hats and some mitts and I haven’t decided on all of them but aren’t they just a lovely sight !!  This winter should be a quieter winter, ( except for the quiet clicking of knitting needles) while we are pretty well settled in here on the beautiful coast of Nova Scotia , I will be able to think more on knitting and needlework instead of packing and moving. As much as I love sewing and other forms of needlework, knitting has to be my favourite,  its soothing and the idea of creating a garment of warmth….just makes me all fuzzy inside 🙂


Thank you for dropping in I hope you are enjoying your week doing what you love…






December 7, 2015 · 6:38 PM

The Monster Project

What’s bright green and two shades of blue and has a wicked smile?

Well you’ll have to read on for a bit to find out…that’s if you don’t scroll ahead and that would be cheating!!  🙂  I get asked on a fairly regular basis , by family of course. If I could make this or that….Could?  mmm of course I could … its would !  haha  and that answer is always the same…YES! 🙂

Or I’m making things they haven’t asked for and I do gift a lot of my sewing and knitting. I’m a big believer in hand made heirlooms, that can be past down in the family. Even the clothes and hats that are knitted for the children. When they are outgrown, they will surely fit someone else’s children and the life of the garment goes on. But before I get off track, which is completely possible these days 😉 I saw this adorable pattern on Pinterst and the link took me to Ravelry where I found the free pattern and decided with everything else that I have going on…yes… I just have to make this… SO.. I went back on my word  and bought more yarn ..not that that’s such a difficult thing for me to do…I can buy more fabric and yarn all to easily lol  I’m like a 3 year old..”oh look ..its that pretty” lol which most always makes Mr. Mister’s eyes roll in amusement 🙂 because he knows I have little will power in a yarn shop. I’ve already packed enough fibre away to last years as it is honestly it is a little shameful, but only a little  LOL … and of course I wouldn’t have these colours anywhere in my stash !! …oh darn it 😉 lol



And as luck would have it, the local shop had the colours of yarn I was thinking of…is that amazing or what? 🙂  I was thinking I wanted to use blue and a bright green and there is was. That is karma ! Patons Canadiana yarn is very nice to work with and so soft,  in 100 g balls of worseted weight. And you guessed it…Made in Canada




With this one I am starting with the end and working a little backwards. This is the finishing touches, duplicate stitches in just the right places transform this from ordinary to…  not yet ! lol But that is a nice bright green , isn’t  it ? lol  I changed up the colour sequence a little as I usually do….just because curiosity gets the best of me 🙂 and I want or need to know how its going to look this way apposed to that way.

So now for the front of this not so huge (6 month old size) monster of a project. Can you guess? or did you peak ?



Yea… Its Monster pants lol  Are they adorable or what?  As I am reading the instruction for this knit, the author/ designer admits its her first knitting pattern that she has wrote and I think she has done an excellent job. Because it was translated to english I did have a bit of trouble with a couple of areas of the pattern because the standard knitting instructions were not there. Not a big deal, and once I got past that ( it could have very well been me not the pattern ) it was pretty much straight forward and knitted up quickly…a little knitting here and there and I was finished in a weekend, another fun project. I did forget to get a pic of the monster pants with the waste tie that I braided in the tree colours of yarn. I was so excited to get these and hats in the mail that I realized what I had forgot after the parcel was taped up and ready to go lol   And I’ll have to wait a while to see B in his monster pants as they are a little big for him.. the pattern says 6 months but I think they would fit a  7 to 8 month old and B is just 5 month old now . I can’t wait.. 🙂






Oh yea and in my previous post I had made B a bunny hat at Momma’s request 🙂 and we received a pic with B wearing his hat..I just hope the expression on his face isn’t his opinion of Grammie Izzie’s knitting  LOL



I leave you with this cutie and wish you all a wonderful week of crafting at what makes you happy..stay warm and safe




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March 4, 2015 · 1:49 PM

Knitted Finishes

Well its time for a day off from packing and cleaning and touch up painting. Its amazing the little things you (I) overlook when cleaning day to day. That little nick or dent from moving furniture ! And taking down pictures from walls ?! yikes.. holes to fill and touch up. Not to mention making the sewing room look like a it could be a bedroom, it seems to be the worst offender for clutter, I don’t understand why or how !? Ha Ha   Here are just a few of the fabric containers that went out to the storage shed and there is a lot more that’s in zippered bags, the kind you get a comforter or blanket in? Yup I keep all those for storing yarn and fabric in. Just the tip of the iceberg……



This one is mostly for socks and hats 🙂




and then there are scraps of this and that left over from throws or slippers…. and ya know, I’m not sure what LOL  some of it I have had for a while …oh dear…



So I’ve come to the point where enough is enough …enough packing away and enough yarn…yes I did say that and I will wash my mouth out with soap as soon as I finish this post! LOL.Of course there is a yarn shop very close to where we are moving to!!! ooh ! So I think the house is ready.. its up and listed online and we wait, hopefully not too long. The housing market is good here so fingers crossed. And in the mean time I have some knitted finished to show you. Yes I did have an hour or two in the evenings to knit, thats about all I have left out is knitting supplies and the quilt I want to get back to working on.

The first is a red tweed slouchy hat made with a chunky yarn. Its knits up very quickly and I love the feel of this particular yarn. This was a special request as  many of my projects are. And I don’t mind hearing  “Izz or Mom could you make this or that”.. and they all know I am more than happy to get at it 🙂

I found the free pattern online at and only changed it a little



Before I made the red hat I wanted to try out the pattern with a variation and I had some brown tweed chunky yarn and made this I think I will stick with the pattern as  although it is a cute version, its not quite my style 🙂



Another pattern I wanted to try and use up some leftover yarn was this simple toque, using another chunky yarn in an ombre. The exact colour ? I had it wrote down but its “somewhere” with my notes. 😦   But another quick and easy pattern to knit in an evening and very warm. Its from a Patons pattern book I bought recently, Patons Classic Wool Bulky Vol 1 , lots of great patterns in this one 🙂



Then I thought it would be cute to make a cameo woodsman’s toque for B, our grandson who was born last October, Drew the bear was good enough to model another hat for me. I am really enjoying these evening knitting projects 🙂 Most of them knit up on 4mm circular needles and that makes the work go along nicely. This one is from a free pattern at . A great and hat and mittens pattern. By the way these last two hats have been knit for a month or so and waiting to appear in a post lol I really don’t knit as fast as it might appear.. I actually knit slow ..this is why I am so far behind with socks. oh well everything in time but I am showing great restraint when it come to buying more yarn…. I just look away lol



And just recently J asked if I could make a bunny ear hat for B. I had a pic to go by….. off I go on the net to search for a pattern…the only one I really like and came close to the pic was in a book for $16.99… well thats a bit much for one hat pattern so I got out my note book and needles and experimented and came up with this little guy. All in all it worked out well but needed a little more tweaking to the pattern just before the ears. I may even unravel this blue one yet and make it right 🙂 who knows !



More scribbling and a couple of sheets of graph paper later we have a creamed coloured bunny hat 🙂 The brim is rolled up to fit Drew but it should be a perfect fit for B . I can’t wait to see pics with him wearing  this !!



And for my final finishes and no I haven’t knit all these things in two weeks !  The striped socks I have had finished for a little while. They have been waiting for the sea foam socks before they could be put in the mail and sent out with the red hat. I guess this clean up is just what I needed, it gave me the chance to finish up a few knitted projects and get them out in the mail. Its hard to tell from the pic but the sea foam socks that are knit in a embossed leaf pattern are knit with a 75% pima cotton and 25% acrylic. Its a very soft yarn and should feel cool on the feet in the summer. I have another knitting project on the go right now and I hope to get that finished up over the weekend since we are pretty much snowed in, it looks like a nasty slippery day out there. Heavy snowfall warning and wind chill of -32C  yuk 😦


seafoam socks


So thanks for stopping by…I hope you have a warm and safe weekend crafting at what makes you happy… until next time

Izz 🙂


February 6, 2015 · 1:02 PM

Cheyenne’s Christmas Sweater


Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are ready for 2015 🙂 I’m going to start off with a brand new sweater pattern that I came up with myself. I have been buying a Children’s Hospital Charity Bear each year for the past 3 years and I make them a special sweater to wear while they sit under our Christmas tree. This year the bear was a very pretty one with her own tiara, not that the others aren’t pretty but, Cheyenne needs a special sweater. 🙂 I couldn’t find what I was looking for in all the patterns I have so I knitted and unraveled and knit some more and made notes and came up with this Teddy Bear Wrap Sweater. I call it Cheyanne’s Christmas Sweater. I didn’t make up her name by the way. That’s the name given to this year’s Charity Bear. They all have a tag on their ear, introducing themselves.

The sweater does just what it says….its wraps around and ties in the back …see 🙂


I would like to share my pattern with you .. yes and for FREE ..

I hope I have made the directions clear, and haven’t left anything out. If that has happened I  do apologize. I recommend reading the pattern completely before you start knitting in case there are any errors. I appreciate feed back too where improvements are needed.

Please keep in mind this is my original pattern and I am offering it  FREE  for personal use . If you would like to make a teddy bear wrap sweater for your own bear or as a gift, that would be great but please do not make these to sell or sell my pattern or make copies of my pattern in any way. IF you would like to share the pattern please make a link back to my blog. That would be great too.

Now that I got the serious stuff out of the way let’s make a teddy bear sweater 🙂

First you’re going to need red yarn in a worsted weight. 1- 50gm skein is plenty. And white faux fur yarn, about 6 to 8 m ( or yards) and a willing assistant as you can see in the back ground.

cheyanne6Other materials are:

4.5mm straight knitting needles ( or the size to acquire correct gauge)

4 mm Dpn ( Double Pointed Needles)

4 mm Crochet hook

Tapestry needle and scissors

And a row counter if you have one or pencil and paper works great too since it is a small project.

Gauge: 18 sts and 26 rows = 10cm (4″)

I should add before I get too far along that this sweater fits a teddy bear that’s about 40.5cm (16″) tall  and about  41.5cm (16.5″)  around the tummy. The sleeve length is about 10cm (4″)  and Sweater length from shoulder to bottom of ribbing is  15cm (6″)


CO – Cast On

BO – Bind Off

K – Knit

P – Purl

K2Tog – Knit 2 stitches together 

SKP – Slip 1, Knit 1, pass the slip stitch over

St st – Stockinette stitch

st(s) – stitch(es)


With red and 4.5mm needles,  CO 36 sts.

Work Rib for 4 rows (K1, P1)

Row 1: Knit all sts

Row 2: Purl all sts

Row 3: Knit all sts

Row 4: Purl all sts

Row 5: K2Tog twice (decreasing 2 sts) knit to the end.

Row 6: and all even numbered rows , Purl

Row7: K2Tog twice (decreasing 2 sts) knit to the end.

Continue in this pattern (Rows 8 to 30) until there are 8 sts on the needle, ending with a purl row.

Row 31: K2Tog twice, knit 4

Row 32: Purl all sts

Row 33: BO remaining 6 sts knit wise. Cut yarn.


With red and 4.5mm needles CO 36 sts

Work Rib for 4 rows (K1, P1)

Rows 1 through 4 work as for RIGHT FRONT

Row 5: Knit to the last 4 sts, SKP twice, (decreasing 2 sts)

Row 6: and all even numbered rows, Purl.

Row 7: Knit to the last 4 sts, SKP twice, (decreasing 2 sts)

Continue in this pattern (rows 8 to 30) until there are 8 sts on the needle, ending with a purl row.

Row 31: K 4, SKP twice.

Row 32: Purl

Row 33: BO remaining 6 sts knit wise. Cut yarn.


Note:  Knit both sleeves the same.

With 4.5mm needles and faux fur yarn, CO 20 sts.

Knit 2 rows.

Cut yarn and join red yarn.

Row 1: Knitting all sts, increase 10 sts evenly across row =30 sts. (In which ever form is suitable for you.

I knit one and knit in the back of the same stitch to increase 1 st.)

Row 2: Purl

Depending on the length of your bear’s arm, continue in St st for 16 more rows total and ending with a purl row.

Row 19: K 2Tog, Knit to the last 2 sts, SKP = 28 sts.

Row 20: Purl

Then BO all sts knit wise, cut yarn.

Make second sleeve.


With red and 4.5 mm needles CO 36 sts

Work 4 Rows of (K1, P1) rib as for sweater fronts.

Row 1: Knit all sts

Row 2: Purl all sts

Work in St st for 18 more rows (20 rows total)  ending with a purl row.

Row 21: K2Tog twice, knit to the last 4 sts SKP twice

Row 22: Purl

Row 23: K2Tog, knit to the last 2 sts, SKP, 30 sts on needle.

Continue to work in St st to Row 32 (ending with a purl row).

Row 33: BO knit wise and cut yarn.

Now you’re ready to assemble the wrap sweater, starting with the shoulder seams. Placing right sides together and matching the front and back shoulder seams, stitch them together. Then find the centre top of sleeve and match this to the shoulder seam to centre the sleeve.

 This is how the side seams should look after you’ve stitched the sleeve onto the shoulder.  This photo shows the trim already on. Thats our next step after the side seams are stitched. On the left side seam, leave enough room for I cord to pass through. Be sure to match the ribbing and armholes when stitching. If all your rows are the same, everything should line up nicely.


It’s time for the faux fur trim.

With  right sides facing,  4 mm crochet hook and faux fur yarn, make a loop. Pass hook through the decreased stitches on garment and single crochet in each of these stitches  along the sweater front edges. When you come to the back pick up stitches that have been BO and down the other side of  sweater front and end off. Cut yarn and weave in all the ends on the sweater where needed. Here is where I apologize for my lack of crochet savvy. I am not proficient in crochet by any stretch of the imagination 🙂  You could also pick up stitches with a smaller knitting needle and BO as you go along. I thought 2 rows with knitting needles  (1 row to pick up stitches and 1 row to BO) would seem bulky. As it ends up the loose single crochet row makes a nice trim.




I Cord

With 4mm Dpn pick up and knit 4 sts . along the front edge of sweater, horizontal to ribbing rows. Slide stitches to opposite side of needle. The yarn should be coming out of the left stitch. Pull the yarn from behind. *K4. Slide stitches across needle. Repeat from * until I Cord measures 20 cm (8″).  K1, K2Tog, K1. To bind off, thread yarn through large-eyed blunt needle and pull it through all 3 stitches 2 or 3 times.


Repeat for the other front side of sweater .

When putting the sweater on your bear, remember the space you allowed in the left seam of sweater and pass the I Cord through that to tie the sweater in the back.


I hope you have enjoyed todays read and like the pattern. I plan to do a couple more. If you would like a PDF download version  click this link Cheyanne’s Christmas Sweater copy

Thank you so much for stopping by, here’s to another wonderful year 0f crafting and all the best to you and yours.

Izz 🙂


January 2, 2015 · 12:50 PM

Merry Christmas From Alberta, Canada



                       Hello and wishing everyone, everywhere and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope 2014 was good to you  and I would like to wish you all the best for 2015

I’ve been stitching and knitting like a mad little elf lol.


I made a quilted patchwork tree skirt for my Son and his wife ( a special request) 🙂 It was a fun project and a learning curve.

I finished off a runner that I started last year  for our coffee table. I was pleased to get this one finished, now onto the others ….. lol


I made a couple of pillow covers from the primitive quick stitch panels I showed you in a previous post 

christmas pillow

And for the newest addition to our teddy bear family, a new Christmas sweater. And as soon as I get myself straighten around after the holidays I want to write a post about the making of Cheyanne’s Sweater 🙂


Whew… in between baking, knitting and machine embroidery, I do believe I am ready for the big day. In the new year, I have cross stitch to catch up on and a quilt top in the works and plenty of socks that are ongoing.

But its time to put my feet up for a couple of days and enjoy the holidays.

Sew….Until next year take care and have fun crafting at whatever makes you happy.

Izz 🙂


December 23, 2014 · 7:46 PM