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Take a Seat by The Sea…or at Least The Harbour

And it’s a seat in the cool breeze. We’ve had a couple of days of warm weather, and yes it did feel like summer but that didn’t last lol. Neither does my memory 🙂  I spent a few minutes looking for an old post that apparently I didn’t  I was so sure I had written about these patio chair cushions…2 years ago? Maybe it was 3 ??  oh well, and last summer was pretty much a write off for sewing and machine embroidery. So I guess I should get at it… 🙂   We had purchased a very nice patio set..4 metal chairs and a metal table..I don’t want to call it wrought iron because it probably isn’t  but it looks like wrought iron… stay with me here..I will get to the point lol  I love the set but I did NOT like the colour of the seat cushions and they were so plain and being just a little bit handy 😉 I instantly reassured Mr Mister that I could make new cushions covers.



And thats when I spied the painters drop cloth canvas  ..Perfect!  heavy weight durable… I bought a package that was 8 ‘ X 16’ I washed it and put it in the dryer and it shrunk up nicely.  I printed out the 5 designs that I was going to use on each panel , moving them around until I was happy with how each nautical theme was placed.  A few marking points and we were all set. I took one of the green cushion covers apart to make a pattern and reused the piping around the edges.




Now fast forward to a couple of weeks ago…where I’m digging around in the closet of the sewing room because I know I put the back cushion fabric in there”somewhere”  already cut out and ready for machine embroidery… mmmm which box… #1 , #2 or… yes of course…#3  funny how what ever I’m looking for is in the last place I look 😉    And the stitching begins

Nautical cushionsII5

Nautical cushionsII4

Nautical cushionsII2

Nautical cushionsII3

I bought an inexpensive quilt batting, the lofty kind and rolled in double layers, so it wouldn’t sag . Now all I need is a little warmer weather or a bigger knitting project for my lap lol

Nautical cushionsII7

Until next time, have fun crafting at whatever makes you happy…Izz





June 28, 2016 · 1:14 PM

Tea Time Table Runner

Another day and another finish… (doing my old woman happy dance) LOL  now there’s something I won’t get out of my head ha ha 🙂

This little project started back in Dec, when I received a gift in the mail from one of my blog buddies Avis at Oh Sew Temptingteacuprunner

A beautiful hand made card and a charm pack of pretty blue and white prints. They are so adorable . Thank you again Avis ! Now , my dilemma , what to do with them ? I really wanted the project to do this pretty pack of prints justice and it wasn’t long before I had my inspiration. teacuprunner2

I had been wanted to machine embroidery these adorable bunnies in tea cups on a table runner or table cover, something to brighten up the kitchen. Between working on the pinwheel quilt and the BOM this year, why not keep with that theme? I was getting brave sewing squares and making triangles and hour glass blocks 🙂 Of course I had to plan this out, I did not want to run shy of blocks. I folded the fabric this way and that and turned the pieces around trying to get a good visual. I do scribble on paper and all that but there is nothing like having the fabric in hand when I am planning or designing. Its also what I do with the embroidery threads, I get a handful of spools and put them together to see if they and going mix or separate like oil and water.


I had plenty of print blocks and white pieces …whew:) I did add some white around each block and along the sides. Now at this point I had a moment of indecision about the binding and bending Avis’ ear a little lol I got back to sewing. 🙂 I think the solid blue binding set everything off nicely and I got a chance to use the binding tool on the Bernina so its a plus all around 🙂


Me being worried about running out of fabric.. ha , I had enough left to make 4 mug mats with one each of the print to spare and 2 or 3 white pieces. those will be kept safe 😉 I am a hoarder of keepsakes you know.


Tea anyone ? Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you have a great week crafting at what makes you happy.



June 8, 2016 · 11:24 AM

Merry Spring and Happy Easter :)

Ahh spring time in Nova Scotia..I am SO happy to be saying that 🙂  And with spring comes spring cleaning…. which I have been doing a little of …. and painting too and thought a little machine embroidery was due. Since fresh paint was going up and new curtains. Just a quick little valance made from left over board cloth and fresh white linen cafe curtain with a little trim. I am quite proud that I keep using from my stash..mostly  …lol


The pic is a little dark…since I was taking a pic of the window I had to wait until evening. You can see off to the right is the other machine embroidery I stitched. This one is from the apothecary embroidery pack at I stitched the design on the same white linen and since it is a dense design , it pulled at the sides a little, making puckering around the design.  A heavier fabric would have been a better choice but for a framed piece I think it will be ok …


Bees always say vintage to me…and I have a few bee designs 🙂  This design is from embroidery I have a couple of designs picked out to stitch onto a fabric shower curtain.. but thats a bigger project in the future. I use water soluble stabilizer on top of the towel as well and a tear away underneath. The top stabilizer keeps the stitches from sinking into the terri cloth. A run through the regular wash will get rid of the rest of the stabilizer.



With another room painted and cleaned up. Its time to enjoy the rest of the weekend. I did that by stitching up these adorable woven bunnies from a free pattern offered by ….another stash busting project….I think I’m on a roll lol and instead of stitching the eyes and nose as instructed ( like I follow instructions very well lol)  I found a embroidery design that I could edit and use on the bunny’s face… makes them look sleepy 🙂 it was a very quick and easy sewing project and took very little fabric at 9″ (23cm) tall


Sew…..I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Easter….



March 26, 2016 · 9:50 PM

Machine Embroidery For Christmas


It’s a busy little sewing room here in the harbour and the sounds and smells of Christmas are distracting 🙂 I have last minute gifts to stitch and I’m almost finished. A trip to the local shop for a frame and a mounting board and then it’s time for the wrapping paper 🙂

Chalk Board signs are very popular these days and it has over flowed into machine embroidery designs. I think its fantastic. I chose a black denim fabric to stitch on. It’s a great look.










And to break it up a little, I tossed in a couple of hand towels for the kitchen. I love snowmen.


I have also made up my mind that I will have a table at the local Christmas Craft Show next year. Its a very popular show, and going as a buyer a couple of weeks ago was all I needed to get the bug 🙂 I’m making my list and working up a few ideas and samples.


Let me leave you with these messages




And a Happy New Year… until next year…..




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December 21, 2015 · 3:36 PM

Elves Everywhere !! ;)

Hello and Welcome , It must be the time of year! because as I was hanging the latest addition to our Christmas tree ( from my last post)  when I heard a strange noise under the tree and you won’t believe what I saw when I looked down………


🙂 I think this is a bad attempt at hiding but then where could you hide with shoes that have bells on them?  and if that isn’t strange enough, I also found these boots sticking out from under the tree too !!


Yes , you guessed it more  wonderful machine embroidery designs. These two are from Embroidery Library . They come up with the cutest ideas. These stitched up in no time. I used crafters felt for the boots/ shoes and cotton fabric for the legs. They include great instructions for all their projects like this. This type of design is known as “in the hoop” design.  I added the bells for a fun touch 🙂 as you decorate and get ready for the big day, don’t forget to watch out for little feet scurrying around and under the tree… Happy stitching and have a great day



December 9, 2015 · 9:04 PM

Remembrance Day , November 11th.

Hello and welcome to my post for our Canadian Remembrance Day , November 11th . I thought it would be a good time to finally stitch up the centre piece/ wall hanging that I’ve had on my to-do list for quite a while now. I love the poppy design from Urban Threads. A beautiful water colour kind of design. And a first for me was piecing together a maple leaf quilt block(9″ sq)  I’m very happy about how it turned out 🙂 Lots of machine quilting but simple. The piece measures 26.5″ square.


Thanks for dropping by and keep stitching 🙂



November 10, 2015 · 12:41 PM

Trick or Treat!!!!!

Hello and welcome to the witching hour post on All Hallows’ Eve. The ghouls have started knocking on the door and the night air is very crisp. So bundle up and get your treat bag ready 🙂

I’m going to start with colourful spider webs and little orange spiders, not because they are my favourites , not at all but because you have to start with something to put all the treats in before the goblins  come to the door.

This is a supper easy project that my daughter found on the internet and after she had made a couple…well I had to give it a go too 🙂 . I used 2 pieces of fabric the same size ….in spooky colours of course , multi coloured spider webs and an eerie swirl of purple. ..I cut these two fabrics 20″ square and a piece of quilt batting the same size. 8 pieces of ribbon- 6 ” long.




I placed fabric right sides together and then the batting and trimmed the batting to size. I stitched all the way around the fabric ( 1/4″ seam) Placing the ribbon on the insides 5 1/4 ” from each corner and leaving a 6 ” opening to turn the fabric and batting. After turning everything right side out and pressing it with a steam iron, I top stitched around the edge and stitched a grid pattern 5 inches from each edge



I love the swirling pattern in the purple!



   Next, its time to tie the ribbons together on each corner and there you have an easy and awesome spooky fabric basket. This would work with any fabric theme and I’m already thinking of the next season and how they would make great gifts !!



Oops , I should be more careful where I put the treats down at !! It seems to have landed on a witch!!!

This one is an “in the hoop machine embroidery” using crafting felt. The design first stitches a die line, so you know where to place the felt cut-out (pattern for the boot is printed out before hand). Once the die line has stitched and the felt is in place, I stitched the design block by block co ordinating the colours in the boot with the cotton fabric I had cut out for the legs. ( 3 1/4 ” X21″) ..while the boot design is stitching I stuff the legs firmly with polyfill, making the legs stiff enough to stand upside down with the boots on.


The boots are also stuffed a little to give that special affect! After both boots are stitched I hand sew the boot to the leg lining up the seam of the leg with the back of the boot..You know thats important to get the stocking seam straight !! LOL






Here I have a few finished witches legs.  I posted on the local buy and sell. Next year this time I hope to have a enough stock for a table full at the local craft market, something I haven’t done in a while and I think it’s time 🙂



Thanks for dropping in, I hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween

Izz 🙂



October 31, 2015 · 4:39 PM