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Cross Stitch Sampler and a SAL

Hi everyone..I hope you have had a great time sewing or knitting or which ever craft you are indulging in. For me, it’s all of the above with a couple extras thrown in. I posted about getting back into cross stitch a few days ago and had started a little practise piece  That is now finished and it wasn’t as hard on the eyes as I thought it might be, once I got going on it that is   🙂 I had started it a week ago and only worked on it here and there.  When I was finished the piece, I gave it a good shot with the steam iron on the back and trimmed the adia cloth even around the design. Then stitched it on a piece of off white heritage cotton so the white adia cloth would pop out.

ink circle completed

ink circle completed

Now I’m ready for the sampler kit that I mentioned in my “Inspired” post .

Lord's Prayer Sampler

Lord’s Prayer Sampler

I haven’t put needle and thread to the cloth yet…but soon 😉 I’m excited that I’ve been invited to participate in a SAL with Claire and Avis as they work on their projects, Cirque des Cercles . It will great fun working along on our projects together. I’ve always said, It’s all about the timing !  As you can see there is a lot of detail in the columns around the verse. (The picture is from the kit’s packaging) The chart itself which you can see in the background is quite big and it will be easy to read, something I am very happy about 🙂  The finished sample will be 11.25″ X 14.5″  That’s 196 X154 count on white 14 count adia cloth. Well my fingers are twitching to be stitching and I must go 😀

Thanks for dropping by, have a great day of crafting and stay warm…Izz



January 13, 2014 · 7:28 PM