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Autumn Baby Gifts

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day crafting and enjoying the autumn colours, thats if you have autumn and the changing of colours? Here in Canada we sure do and in north east Alberta we have had cold temperatures move in and some snow flurries already brrr. We also had a new member of the family born in early October. Grandson # 2. So of course a visit to the east coast was in order (Nova Scotia) We had a great time. I had one suitcase crammed with sewn and knitted gifts, might as well save on the shipping, right?.

I had started these projects back in August.


This knitted set is from a Patons booklet that I have had for a while. Knit with Bernat’s Softee Baby yarn in Lavender Lullaby. and the socks are from another Patons booklet all baby socks, I didn’t knit the usually rib top to the socks. I like that rolled look on baby socks 🙂

And of course another Chenille blanket 🙂 soft cozy colours


And baby gifts aren’t complete without bibs and burp cloths ! The patch work bibs are made of 3 layers of flannel and have snap fastens on them and the sea side print is cotton fabric with a layer of thin batting. I decided to go with the buttonhole and bright buttons. I think I prefer making the buttonholes since I find the tiny snaps too finicky to sew on by hand. I was working with the new BSR attachment for free motion quilting on the bibs. I think I’m getting the hang of it. I will have to write a post just about the BSR. Its a huge plus for me !!





The burp cloths were a pattern /idea I found on pinterest. There are so many variations, its easy to draw out your own pattern, these are about 20 to 21 ” long so it uses up the fold width of the fabric( front and back) and all you need is another layer of either flannel or terry cloth or batting, which ever you prefer.

wool booties

And I almost forgot these adorable little booties I made from felted wool fabric and flannel.. I sewed them by hand, I found it difficult to sew them by machine because they were so small. The pattern is from     http://www.heatherbailey.typepad.com the pattern is called Bittie Booties.

It was a wonderful 2 week visit in Nova Scotia and too soon time to come back out west. We had our Canadian Thanksgiving while we were there, Oct 13th. Its was great ! Turkey with all the fixings and pumpkin pie and …Family !

I’m gearing up for more knitting and sewing and I hope you have a wonderful day crafting at what makes you happy.




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Cotton Chenille Quilt

Hi there.. first I would like to say that this is not a pictorial and I am not offering instructions on the construction of a chenille quilt. I am describing the steps I took to make a cotton fabric chenille quilt. I do not have enough experience in making the chenille quilts to offer any kind of expertise. I hope you enjoy this Thread.

First, I chose a good quality cotton for 2 reasons. 1) The quilts were for gifts. and 2) I believe that the better quality cotton fabric you use, the better the chenille results will be.

I used the full width of the fabric and for this it was 45 ” wide including the salvage edge, which I have left on. It will be trimmed after the sewing is finished.

I cut the length of the fabric to 74″ each. Hoping to get as close to 72″ when all the stitching and shrinking are done.

I picked out a dark red pattern for the front panel and a light coloured small print for the back( Flowered). For the middle  layers I chose another dark red to back the main panel and decided on 2 layers of the beige colour star fabric.


DSC_0044Starting with the flowered fabric and clearing out the living room floor( my biggest work area ) 🙂 I spread the fabric and smoothed it as I went, fabric face down. In after thought, masking tape here and there on this layer would have been helpful.


Then smoothing the next 2 layers of the star material on top of the flowered, also face down.


Then came the dark red checked, also face down. I think you get the picture 🙂


Now for the top panel of dark red print, this goes down face up. and I have my box of safety pins ready.

DSC_0042Once I am satisfied all the layers are smooth ( no wrinkles between the layers) I start pinning the layers together, trying to keep the edges in line.


Before I starting stitching, I used tailors chalk and draw a straight line from top right corner to bottom left corner on the top panel. It will wash out. Using a burgundy thread on top and an ivory thread in the bobbin, I stitched right on the chalk line.


Turning the material at the other end I began to stitch 1/2 inch away from the first stitch line. I adjusted my needle position. and continued like this in an outward pattern. Smoothing the layers and removing the pins as I went along.



I used new garden gloves that have the tiny vinyl nubs on them which proved very handy in getting a good grip on the material. All that fabric together was quite heavy and my hands began to ache after a while. It took my about 3 afternoon sittings to get the sewing done.



Once the layers are stitched together I made a small cut in the bottom 3 layers to show how the dark red checkered fabric would show through and disguise the back of the front panel, also giving weight to the front panel.





I found it easier to snip the edges with a scissors. and finish using a chenille cutter using the 1/2 setting. My gloves were ideal for this too as I found that the pieces protruding from the chenille cutter stuck into the palm of my hand. But it glided along like a hot knife through butter 🙂


You can see here how the dark red checkered fabric shows through.


The next step is trimming the whole quilt, which is squaring the edges up and trimming off the salvage and the rough ends and loose threads. I cut 3 inch strips of light coloured fabrics to make the bias for the edges of the quilt. Sewing them together as you see in the picture. ( a bit over kill with the pics I know) 😀





Trimming to 1/4 ” seam and pressing.


I start somewhere along the side of the quilt with the bias, folding over the starting edge. Stitch a 1/2″ seam all the way around the quilt. I rounded the corners for an easier fit of the bias.


I do like my straight pins 🙂




Joining the start and finish of the bias. I hand stitch the bias to the top panel. once the bias is stitch on, its time to wash the quilt. Cool or cold water on a regular cycle and in the dryer until the chenille is fluffy. With the cotton chenille quilt the first washing doesn’t fluff up as much as the flannel will, but with every washing it will fluff a little more each time. I have also included a photo of a flannel chenille quit I made to show the difference in the results.


After washing and drying.


Flannel before washing and drying.


After washing and drying.

I hope you have enjoyed my post today. I am plugging away at my UFOs. I’m working on a crocheted throw right now and thought I would end with a sneak peek.


Happy stitching and have a great day.



February 6, 2013 · 2:02 PM

Summer 2012

Its been a busy spring and summer. Between special projects, deciding what project is next and getting the flower garden in, I don’t seem to have idle time on my hands, which is a good thing. I’ve knitted a few socks this spring and found some great patterns for kitchen projects. Toaster covers, pot holders and placemats, tea towels, runners and a couple of pillows (cushions). I’m usually working with colourful threads in the embroidery and using a relatively plain background so that stitched design shows up. Sewing with the different patterns of fabric got me thinking about quilts and throws. I have a quilt top that has been in the curio cabinet for some time now. It’s time to bring out the old quilt top and make it into the heirloom it was meant to be. I believe the pattern is called “Friendship Ring” not 100% on that. Then while looking through a quilting magazine, I am inspired by a quilt pattern that I fell in love with. LOL . Off to the fabric shop to see what I could find. I knew what colours I want to go with, it’s finding the right fabric patterns. I think I was in the fabric shop an hour and a half looking at fabric and gathering the bolts together like squirrel. I seem to be one of those people that have to have a full stash of fabric and yarn. Heaven forbid I should run out of materials to knit or sew with. Then a friend asks me about a chenille quilt. I have never made one, so I went searching for a pattern or tutorial. That’s all it took, I had to try my hand at a chenille quilt. Back to the fabric shop 🙂 They are quite simple to make. The sewing and cutting take the most time but the results are beautiful. I will be posting pictures in “The Thread”

Stay Tuned ! Have Great Day.

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