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A Little Change Will Do Ya Good !

When I get something in my head, it really nags at me. This time it was about changing the look and feel of my blog (like I have so much time on my hands) lol. I am working on a quilt using machine embroidery and my list  for .. do I dare say it..Christmas projects and Now ! I want to sit down and explore all the options that come with changing the appearance of my blog? Ok.. I sat down this Morning with a cup of tea or two and looked over the styles of blogs… finally picked one out after “trying on ” a few.. what agony..lol I hope you like what I picked out ? I think it says”Me” the best 🙂  now to do some rearranging and condensing. ( I’m thinking rearranging the furniture would be easier) 🙂 but here I go… and I’m sure I will be the first one to say..now where did I put that pic? or ” I hope I didn’t delete the whole article !”  lol I think sometimes this blogging is for the young. I’m the proverbial old dog learning new tricks…oh my! Hey if this golden girl can learn the ins and outs of a new phone and even find my way here on the net..then all is not lost…right?  Hope you all enjoy the view when I am finished.. thanks for following along…Isabel


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August 9, 2012 · 6:53 PM