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Mom’s Vintage Quilt

…It seemed like it at the time, that every store, shop and major dept. store catalogue had a fabric section. Although limited to small prints and funky designs popular in the 70’s.  The local variety store also carried scrap packs. These contained a little bit of every type of fabric , from heavy cotton to polyester knit, and the colours would be anyone’s guess. It was quite the mix. From these packages, my mother created this Friendship Ring quilt top, she even used the polyester knit. 🙂 She also repurposed old pillow cases for the hexagons.

So it began, she knew the pattern she wanted to use and with scissors and a paper pattern, started cutting out the many pieces ( I haven’t counted 🙂 )

She had a sewing machine but insisted on stitching the pieces together by hand ( the old way). Every visit would find her a little further along in her project. Like all of us, she had a few projects in the works at one time. I don’t recall how long it took but I’m sure it was a few weeks in the making. When finished the quilt top was put aside for quilting “later”. She was in quilt top mode.

Bonnyville No. 87-20120715-00363

I’m really not sure why this particular quilt top caught my interest, Mom has made many. I was more into cross stitch, crocheting and macramé at the time. I would ask about the top every now and then, hoping she had stated quilting it out but Mom would be onto something else. I guess I thought anything that took so much work and time, one would want to see it finished. But there it was up in the closet of her sewing room with  a few other UFO’s.  Years went by and one afternoon while we are chatting in her sewing room she opened the closet, brought out the infamous quilt top and asked me if I wanted it and wanted to quilt it out…. I was surprised and delighted !! She knew  I had recently been given a large quilt rack and hand quilted my first quilt. This turned into my prize possession. But again, life got busy. In my closet went the Friendship Ring quilt top. More years went by. Addresses changed a few times and always with me was the friendship ring quilt top. ….Jump ahead a few more years and in the summer of 2012 . I bring out the quilt top again from it’s hiding place in my curio cabinet. Take its measurements and set off to my favourite fabric shop for batting and backing.


I clear out the living room of coffee table and dog…sorry Roxie ! 🙂 ..Using masking tape to secure the backing to the floor. Smoothed the batting on top of that. I used needled cotton batting. ( I recall my grandmother telling me they used to use flannel fabric as quilt batting. ) Then the quilt top. I’m actually excited at this point. Its been a long time coming. I smooth the top over the batting, leaving plenty around the edges 🙂 and begin pinning the layers in place.


I have practised a little with free hand machine quilting but my shoulders and hands get tired quickly. I decided to keep it simple for the small blocks and stitch around the edges and a bit of a zig zag across them. For the hexagons I use a machine embroidery design specifically for quilting.


I used 3 different motifs for quilting the centres of the hexagons. 2 flowers and a butterfly .



I had a blue printed fabric in my stash that I thought had a vintage look to it and used that for the binding..whew…I had just enough!


After many years and many more miles “Mom’s” quilt is finished. It has helped me move forward to finish up the rest of my UFO’s … It’s long winters here in Alberta and I have plenty of time 🙂

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January 13, 2013 · 12:12 AM