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October 2011

Where has the time gone, Summer flew by and Autumn is now full of gorgeous colours. I’m getting ready for fall and halloween projects and do I dare say it?,  thinking about Christmas gift ideas. I have been searching for different kinds of designs. Not just the normal everyday designs that you would see even in the Dept Stores. Thats discouraging to see a design on line and then to find it on something in department store or browsing a site only to dicover the designs are well lets say it…terrible and thats only my humble opinion..Really, the quality and subject of alot of the designs I have seen and believe me I have looked at alot of designs trying to find just the quality and look that is worth the time and effort of me, my Singer XL 400 and embroidery thread.I am very pleased  to say I have found 2 sites that offer something different. One is www.emblibrary.com and www.urbanthreads.com both site offer top notch designs and excellent prices. That was another gripe of mine with the other sites and their designs…”you want how much for that???umm NO”  ..and now that I have finished searching .. its time to get stitching.

I’ve been making some changes to my blog for the good. Seems like a good time to get organized. Winter projects are on my mind and the socks are being knitted.

Halloween is nearly here (Oct 27) I have a few spooky projects finished. Check out “From the Sewing Room” to see the rest of the projects.


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