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Knitting and Tea

Hello everyone, its been a funny kind of summer here. A few days of hot weather then a few days of cool rainy weather and its the cool weather thats unusual. When summer comes to Alberta  its just plain hot. Although the cooler days make it easier to get gardening done and the grass mowed.

The cooler days are great for picking up a knitting project too, as if I don’t have any other projects on the go 😉 I was in a shop in the city spring time and pick up a lovely knitting pattern for tea cozies. The pattern is from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, what a coincident 🙂 The pattern has 2 versions, plain and ruffle and I love them both. The plain cozy knits up as fast as a dish cloth. The ruffle takes a little more time for obvious reasons. I made one with Crafters Cotton and 2 of them with Noro Silk Garden, yes a little pricey and over the top for a tea cozy but then, why not. I loved the texture and the colours and wanted to see how it would knit up in case I want to make some of these for gifts. My model is a regular brown betty tea pot that suits the size of the finished cozy to a …..tea!?  lol  Sorry  had to get that one in there.

red tea cozy

dark tea cozy

ruffle tea cozyThanks for dropping by…Happy Crafting



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July 25, 2013 · 3:14 PM